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High-​energy Gamma-​ray Lab

Principal Investigators

Prof.Indranil Mazumdar

Studies in nuclear structure and dynamics
The TIFR 4p Spin-Spectrometer and high energy gamma-ray setup.

The major activities are centred around two broad topics.

  • To study the real time response of the nuclear many-body system at finite temperature and angular momentum.This is achieved through exclusive measurements of high energy Giant Dipole Resonance (GDR) gamma-rays. The measurements are carried out at TIFR, Mumbai and IUAC, Delhi using state-of-the art detection facilities, namely, large volume NaI(Tl) and LaBr3:Ce detectors, a 4p sum-spin spectrometer, and gas-filled magnetic spectrometer. Our primary goal is to search for very rare quantum shape-phase transitions and discovering higher order giant multipole oscillations in hot nuclei.
  • Detailed theoretical investigations of the structural properties of newly discovered light neutron-rich halo nuclei using full three-body Faddeev calculations. We search for the elusive and fascinating Efimov effect in nuclei like, 11Li, 14Be, 20C, 36Ne, 38Mg etc.

*Interested persons to join for Ph.D or post-doctoral work should contact indra@tifr.res.in