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Ultracold Atoms and Molecules

We are always looking for new members to join our group. There are openings for PhD students, Post-Doctoral Fellows, Junior Research Fellows and Visiting Students. The entry for PhD is through the TIFR Graduate School Admission test. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in a PhD position in my group.

If you are looking for a post-doctoral position in our group, please send a brief research proposal describing your anticipated research activities at TIFR along with your CV (including your publications and names of 2-3 referees familiar with your work). We also welcome applications from recipient of fellowships such as NPDF and DST-INSPIRE. Please apply early, preferably 6 months before your tentative date of joining.

If you are looking for a JRF position or a visiting student position (for MSc thesis etc.), please send your CV along with the names of 1-2 referees. You should be willing to spend a minimum of 12 months as a JRF or a minimum of 6 months as a visiting student.