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Accelerator-based Condensed Matter Physics

Magnetism and Kondo interaction in small solids

Atoms of transition and f-block elements carry magnetic moments described by Hund’s rule. Solids formed from these atoms, especially the 3d metals like Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni and f-block metals (rare earth and actinide) and their alloys often show long range magnetic ordering – ferro-, antiferro or complex.When dilute concentrations of these atoms are placed inside a nonmagnetic solid (host), the moment may or may not survive. If it survives in an infinite solid, will it remain intact in small solids(nano- metals)? For the last few years we have been asking these questions and carrying out experimental and theoretical studies to find some answers. For example, using hyperfine interactiontechnique we have shown conclusive evidence that lattice size plays a decisive role not only on the formation of local moment but also on the Kondo interaction which is directly linked to spin fluctuations. Evidence for size induced localization of 4f electrons have also been observed in strongly correlated electron systems.

A 7T; 1.5-320K experimental set up for accelerator based hyperfine interaction studies.
Some of the related publications
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