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Molecular Dynamics and Control, and Biomolecular studies

Current Interests
  • Electron impact ionization of molecules.
  • Dissociative electron attachment to molecules.
  • Dynamics of molecular negative ions using ion momentum imaging.
  • Collisions with excited and state selected molecules.
  • Photodetachment and photodissociation of negative molecular ions.
  • Ion imaging techniques.
  • Controlling chemical reactions using electrons.
  • Photoionization with attosecond X-rays.
  • Electron - molecule collisions in condensed phase.
Past Interest
  • Photoionization and photoelectron spectroscopy of molecules.
  • Electron scattering using photoelectrons.
  • Electron impact excitation and fluorescence lifetime of molecules.
  • Electron impact ionization of atoms and molecules.
  • Dissociative electron attachment.
  • Fast highly charged ion - atom/molecule collisions and electron correlation effects.
  • Beam foil spectroscopy of highly charged ions and lifetime measurements.
  • Collisions with excited and state selected molecules.