TIFR, Mumbai, Jan 7-27, 2019

Hardware Session :

Experiments :

1. Basic electronics : C130 (Mandar Saraf, mandar@tifr.res.in)
  • Amplifier (Q/V)
  • Shaper
  • Time-to-voltage converter
  • discriminator

  • 2. Introduction to FPGA : Basic programming with Max10 family of Altera board and after school the FPGA board is given to students to learn more : CG17 ( Salam Thoithoi, thoithoi.salam@tifr.res.in )
  • Readme
  • Introduction
  • Installation steps
  • JTAG driver installation and Quartus Project Workflow
  • Max10 Dev Board User Manual
  • Max10 Dev Board DataSheet
  • List of Exercises
  • Project1_not_button
  • Project2_led_blick
  • Project3_hex_counter

  • 3. Micro-controller :
    Wireless test setup to read and store data from BMP180 barometric pressure/Temp Sensor using NodeMCU and calibration of sensor : NewLab (Suryanarayan Mondal, suryanarayan.mondal@tifr.res.in)

    4. Resistive Plate Chamber :
    Will make a small detector, measure surface resistivity, characteristic impedance of strips, noise rate, dark current and muon detection efficiency as a function of HV, but use data from existing RPC stack to look for cosmic muon trajectory : C217 (Ravindra Raghunath Shinde, rrs@mailhost.tifr.res.in)

    5. Scintillator detector :
    Noise rate, Efficiency measurement of detector at different HV. Measurement of pulse height and width, also arrival time and its resolution as a function of HV. Estimation of number of dynode stage and verifying two/three fold chance coincidence rate with data. (Will not make, but all raw materials to make a detector will be there to demonstrate the steps to build the detector) : NewLab (Mandakini Patil, manda@tifr.res.in)

    6. Silicon strip detector :
    IV and CV characteristics of single sided silicon strip detector : D204 (K. Kameshwara Rao, kamesh@tifr.res.in)

    7. Silicon Photomultiplier :
    Estimation of Breakdown voltage, gain as a function of V_{over} using data from random trigger and LED source : CG17 (Bharat Bhushan Singh, bbsingh@tifr.res.in)

    8. Measurement of muon life time using stopped muon signal
    : C135 (Pathaleswar, pathaleswar@tifr.res.in)

    9. Calibration, characterisation of High Purity Germanium detector and compare the performance with NaI(Tl) detector
    : LINAC beam hall-II (Rajaneesh Donthi, rajand@tifr.res.in)
    Reference data table