TIFR, Mumbai, Jan 7-27, 2019

Last Date of Application : Sep 30, 2018

Please Read below instructions for Registering for the school
Registration procedure, use the links in left column:
Step #1
"Create Indico Account"
Account refers to Indico account on an Indico server of this institute. Please fill in your postal address and other mandatory fields. After hitting the confirm button, please send your "Name and Email Id" to ehep2019@tifr.res.in for further account activation. You will recieve an email once your account is activated. Please remember your username/password. Creating this account is not same as registering for the conference, for that please go to Step #2
Step #2
"Register for the School" *
Visit the second link in the left column. Please login with the username/password of Step #1. Non-Indian nationals are required by the Indian Government to provide complete passport details and date of birth. Hitting the submit button completes the registration procedure.

Please remember registration doesn't ensure your seat for the school.

Selected candidate's list will publish on web site, also candidate will receive an email confirmation about his/her selection.
"Modify Your Form" After Step #2, you may at any time login and view or modify your registration form. In case you forget your password, please use the "Forgot your password? " button that is at the bottom of the login page.

* Note : In addition, one duly signed letter of online recommendation should be sent directly by the referee. Applicants are requested to inform their respective recommender about the following online recommendation form. Your application is accepted only if signed copies of recommendation letter from your referee is received by the organising committee in due time.