Advisory Committee

The committee will look in to the possible avenues to create substantial corpus to promote flexible funding at the Institute in research activities at the forefront of science, technology and mathematics. It is desirable to make concerted efforts to generate additional funds through donations and endowments. A large corpus of funds under general purpose endowment will also enable strengthening of other activities for promoting academic excellence at the Institute.


Prof. Sandip Trivedi

Convener and Co-Convener

Prof. Mandar M. Deshmukh
Prof. Deepa Khushalani


Prof. G. Ravindra Kumar
Prof. J. Radhakrishnan
Prof. C.S. Rajan
Prof. Shubha Tole
Dr. Shravan M. Hanasoge
Dr. Prahladh Harsha
Mr. Kishore S. Paithankar


Mr. Raju P. Ambekar