Prof. R. Narasimhan Award

The Bharat Family Fund has endowed an amount of US $ 2,50,000/- for instituting the Prof. R. Narasimhan Memorial Lectures. Prof. R. Narasimhan was associated with TIFR for several years and made significant contributions to Computer Science and Technology. The amount of US $ 2,50,000/- has been endowed by Mrs. Sita Narasimhan , Ms. Tanjam Jacobson and Dr. Krishna Bharat. This endowment will be used to fund the expenses for selected world-class scientists working in Computer Science or technology to be at an international conference in the field to be held in India, to give a public talk under the name of the Professor R. Narasimhan Memorial Lecture.

Terms of the Agreement (MOU)

  1. Director, TIFR, has constituted a Committee comprising the following members to manage this endowment :
    • Director, TIFR (ex-officio Chairman)
    • Prof. R.K. Shyamasundar, Member
    • Dr. S. Ramani, Member
  2. One award will be given annually in the field on Computer Science and Technology and will recognize advances in hardware, software, theoretical aspects of computing, or applications of computing
  3. The award will recognize the achievement of younger professionals only and hence will be restricted to professionals up to the age of 40
  4. Recipients of the award should hold a degree from an Indian University, excluding honorary degrees.
  5. The award will be in the form of a scroll, with a trophy or plaque (rather than in monetary form), and an invitation to give a public talk titled the Professor R. Narasimhan Memorial Lecture on the topic for which the recipient is being recognized. In cases wherein the recipient cannot attend the conference in person, arrangements will be made for the recipient to present the lecture through videoconference.
  6. The award will cover the expenses of the recipient to travel to the chosen conference in India and present the talk.