Fundamental Interaction Lab(FILAB)

FILAB is a part of Department of High Energy Physics(TIFR).  The group started out as the Gravitation Group and with time we also forayed into the world of cold and ultra-cold atoms which now is a major activity in the group. The first BEC in India was achieved in our lab in the year 2007 in 87Rb which is an isotope of Rubidium. 

Currently we are working towards trapping a degenerate a gas of bosonic and fermionic species. For this purpose we chose isotopes of Potassium which has both bosonic(39K) as well as fermionic(40K) species.  

Another important work taken up by our lab is the 3 meter prototype for a Michelson-Morley type gravity wave interferometer. The interferometer will serve as a test-bed for several new technologies as well as training medium for experimentalists.