Trapping of Potassium Isotopes

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Potassium is an alkali atom with a single electron in the valence shell. Potassium has several isotopes one of which (40K) is a fermionic species as its total spin is a half integer. We work with 39K(which is a bosonic species) and 40K.

We have been successful in building a Magneto Optical trap for both the species.  Currently we are building a hybrid trap, which a combination of a Quadrupole Trap and an Optical Dipole Trap for both species. Our aim is to first create a degenerate bosonic and fermionic gas.

39K has already been successfully loaded into the Quadrupole trap after preparing in the required spin state. The Dipole Trap beam is derived from a 1064 nm fiber laser with 50 W power. The signatures of hybrid trapping can be seen in powers as low as 5 W.