3m proto-type Interferometric Gravity Wave Detector

General relativity predicts that accelearated masses produce Gravitational waves. These waves propogate as ripples in spacetime just as sound waves propogate through a medium. They cause the space to expand and contract as it passes through it (for more details, These are typical produced by rotating massice objects such as merging of binaty neutron starts or black holes, supernova explosions, spining assymetric neutron stars etc. Indirect evidence for their existance has been obatined from the ring down rate of binary pulsar PSR B1913+16. Efforts are on globally to directly detect gravitational produced by astronomical sources. Our group contributes to this global effort as a part of the IndIGO consortium  and the LIGO Scientific collaboration ( LSC ).

As a first step in the road map to build a gravitational wave detector in India, a proto-type is being set up at TIFR. This is a 3m scale Michelson-type interferometer with Fabry-Perot cavity in each arm to enhance the effective optical path. The prototype will match in technology with advanced detectors.