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Gobinda Majumder

Official GENIE software code uses only 2d neutrino flux. To include 3D HONDA flux at INO site, this code is modified by Ali Azmi. Document of the modification as INO internal note and modified codes are available here.

Ical simulation source code

Ical simulation source code both graphics and printout

data cards and other informations

data cards type one by one for graphics

An event display

GEANT4 based INOICAL simulation code

An introduction to GEANT4 Talk prepared by Prof. S. Banerjee

Modified slides prepared for INO course

Introduction of INO-ICAL GEANT4 simulation code tex file postscript file

INO-ICAL source code

ASET colloquium in January 2010

More informations about INO-ICAL source code

INO-ICAL simulation and reconstruction code (updated on 16th March 2008)

Simple code (root) to megre and modified INO-ICAL output, rootuple for further analysis

Code for Geant4.7.x version

Code for Geant4.9.x version

Code updated on 27th Aug 08

Updated INO simulation and Klaman reconstruction codes (01/09/2010)

Code updated on 1st Sep 2010