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1. Low votage monitoring system(micro controller based)

The work on the design and development of Micro-controller based Low
Voltage Monitoring System was continued. A prototype system was built
and tested using dc voltages of six supplies (±6V, ±12V, ±24V) of a NIM
The voltages were continuously monitored. If the read voltages are
outside the user specified range the system turns ON a buzzer and
displays the bad supply number along with its voltage on the LCD for
corrective action.
The program for micro-controller was written
in C language. Recently the data logging facility has been added to
this prototype. It has been inter-faced with the PC through its serial
port so that data can be recorded in the PC whenever desired. This
system will be further developed to monitor all the low dc voltage
supplies used in our data acquisition system.

2. CAMAC based Programmable digital delay

This is a camac based 8-channel single width module.

each channel input is delayed by a programmabed delay.

delay range is 0-250 ns or 0-500 ns with 8-bit 1 or 2 ns.

output width is variable manually from 10 to 300ns.

one common input (external NIM or SW controlled) and is given as NIM out and differential ECL.

inputs and outputs maskable individually or commonly.

Read masked register status and test delay range set using Q (0 for lower range,1 for higher range)

Inputs are NIM std.

outputs are one NIM, diff.ECL or LVDS in FRC 16( jumper selectable)



Using this module for RS triggers, one can delay RS pulses as a function of hour angle so that coincidence window can be reduced.

It can be used for PG run with different delays to check the system.

It can be used for calibration of TDC's


work is on






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