Bilateral Exchange of Lecturers between Institute of Physics (UK) and Indian Physics Association:

The Institute of Physics (UK) and Indian Physics Association have signed a Memorandum of Understanding in 1998 to establish an exchange lecturer-ship between the two associations. Under this exchange programme, eminent physicists from India and from Great Britain and Ireland are chosen to visit Great Britain and Ireland, and India respectively, to give lectures in their fields of specialization. The lectures take place in respective countries, every alternate year. In India, these lectures are called Cockcroft – Walton Lectures and in Great Britain and Ireland, these lectures are called Homi Bhabha Lectures. The visiting lecturers, usually deliver four lectures at different centres, including one at the headquarter of the society. The international travel support for the lecturer is provided by the home society and the local travelling and hospitality is provided by the host society.
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