LINIT 25 Liquid Nitrogen Generator

Make : SULZER, UK Later Linde
UK Model : LINIT- 25
Capacity : 22 liters per hour
Compressor Model : BS60
FAD: 315 m3/hr.
Compr. Speed: 3000 rpm.
Type : Screw Compressor
Motor : 37 KW
Speed :1440 rpm 71 Amps
Year Of Make : Feb 1989
Date Of Commissioning : 8 August 1989.
Recent Up-gradation of LINIT-25 :
An up-gradation of several key components of the LINIT-25 generator was recently undertaken and upgraded system was commissioned in-house by LTF engineers. The up-gradation included (a) Sequential timer controlled valve operation system (b) Electronically controlled Re-pressurization system and (c) Electronically controlled Dump and Exhaust devices. This up-gradation is working successfully since February, 2004