Publication List since 2004 (CMS related only)

1.     Lepton Flavour Violation at LHC.

Proceedings of Advanced Institute of Physics: Physics at LHC, July 2003, Prague, Czechoslovakia.
CMS CR-2004/013.

2.     Little Higgs Model-CMS Potential.

Report of Beyond Standard Model Working Group: Summary Report (2003). Proceedings of Workshop on Physics at TeV Colliders, held in Les Houches, France, May 2003.
Archive no.: hep-ph/0402295

3.     Observation of an Invisible Higgs in Vector Boson Fusion Process in CMS Experiment at LHC.

K.Mazumdar and A.Nikitenko
CMS IN-2004/028

4.     Observation of Top-like Heavy Quark of Little Higgs Model in CMS Experiment.

CMS IN-2004/037

5.     Precision Electroweak Measurements at LHC.

Proceedings of 13th International Workshop on Deep Inelastic Scattering (DIS2005) AIP Conference Proceedings, Vol. 792 (2005) 587.

6.     The CMS High Level Trigger.

CMS Trigger and Data Acquisition Group (K. Mazumdar + others)
Eur. Phys. J. C 46, 605-667 (2006), hep-ex/0512077 (2005)

7.     Search for an Invisible Higgs Boson in CMS.

K. Mazumdar + 4 others
CMS AN-2006/060

8.     Little Higgs Model and Top-like Heavy Quark at CMS.

K. Mazumdar + 3 other authors
CMS NOTE-2006/079

9.     Search for New Heavy Quark T in CMS.

A. Kyriakis and K.Mazumdar
CP Studies and Non-Standard Higgs Physics: Workshop Proceedings.
CERN Yellow Report: 2006-009, hep-ph/0608079

10.   Trilepton final state from Neutralino-Chargino production in mSUGRA.

K.Mazumdar + 4 other authors
CMS NOTE-2006/113

11.   CMS Physics Technical Design Report Vol. I, Detector Performance and Software.

CMS Collaboration
CERN/LHCC 2006-001 (2006), CMS-TDR-008.1

12.   CMS Physics Technical Design Report Vol. II, Physics Performance.

CMS Collaboration
CERN/LHCC 2006-021 (2006), CMS-TDR-008.2. J. Phys. G: Nucl. Part. Phys. 34 (2007) 995.

13.   Design, Performance, and Calibration of CMS Forward Calorimeter Wedges.

CMS-HCAL Collaboration: S.Abdullin
CMS Note 2006/044. European Physical Journal C, Volume 53 (2008) 139.

14.   Design,Performance, and Calibration of CMS Hadron-Barrel Calorimeter Wedges.

CMS Collaboration
CERN CMS Note 2006/138. Euro. Phys. J. C55(2008) 159.

15.   Synchronisation and Timings in CMS HCAL.

CMS-HCAL Collaboration
CMS Note 2006/139

16.   Energy Response and Longitudinal Shower Profiles Measured in CMS HCAL and Comparison With Geant4.

CMS-HCAL Collaboration, G.Baiatian
CMS Note 2006/143

17.    The CMS Outer Hadron Calorimeter

CMS-HO Collaboration
CMS NOTE 2006/127

18.   CMS Computing, Software and Analysis Challenge in 2006 (CSA06) Summary.

CMS Collaboration
CMS NOTE 2007/006, CERN/LHCC 2007-010, LHCC-G-128

19.&npsp;  CMS High Level Trigger.

CMS Collaboration (K.Mazumdar + 78 others)
CMS AN 2007/009, CERN/LHCC 2007-021, LHCC-G-134

20.   Search for Higgs Bosons in beyond Standard Model Scenarios at LHC.

K.Mazumdar (on behalf of CMS and ATLAS collaborations)
Proceedings of the Linear Collider Workshop (LCWS06) Part I.
Pramana, Vol 69, No. 5(2007) 801.

21.   CMS expression of interest in the SLHC.

CMS Collaboration (J. Nash et al.)
CERN-LHCC-2007-014, CERN-LHCC-G-131.

22.   Tau production from Z decays in pp collisions at √s= 14 TeV.

G.Bagliesi (K.Mazumdar and 13 others)
CMS AN 2007/028

23.   Design,Performance, and Calibration of CMS Hadron Endcap Calorimeters.

CMS-HCAL Collaboration, G.Baiatian
CMS Note 2008/010

24.   Study of CMS HCAL response to muons using data collected during Global Run in September, 2007 and Integration Run in October 2007.

CMS-HCAL collaboration, P.De Barbaro
CMS IN-2008/019

25.   HCAL participation in Global Run at the end of November 2007 (GREN)

CMS-HCAL collaboration, S. Abdullin
CMS IN-2008/019

26.   Performanceof the CMS Outer Hadron Calorimeter.

CMS -HCAL collaboration
CMS IN-2008/022

27.   Design, performance and calibration of the CMS Hadron-Outer Calorimeter.

CMS Collaboration
Eur. Phys. J. C 57, (2008) 653

28.   The CMS experiment at the CERN LHC.

CMS Collaboration, (S. Chatrchyan et. al.)
Journal of Instrumentation, 2008 JINST 3 S08004.

29.   Electroweak Physics at LHC.

Proceedings of the. 19th Hadron Collider Physics Symposium 2008 (HCP2008).
Galena, Illinois, USA May 27-31, 2008.
SLAC eConf C080527, arXiv:0809.1565v1 [hep-ex]

30.   Search for Invisible Higgs in CMS.

S.Bansal, K.Mazumdar, J.B.Singh and A.Nikitenko
CMS AN 2008/083

31.   Search for Bs to μμγ in CMS.

Supreet, Pal Singh, K.Mazumdar and J.B. Singh
CMS AN 2008/100

32.   Study of the Drell-Yan Process using Horace Event Generator.

M.Jindal, K.Mazumdar, D.Bourilkov and J.B. Singh
CMS AN 2009/113

33.   Search for Bs to μμφ in CMS.

Supreet Pal Singh,K.Mazumdar and J.B. Singh
CMS AN 2009/115

34.   W+Photon process at LHC with CMS detector.

D.Majumder and K.Mazumdar
CMS AN 2009/123

35.   Data driven methods for estimation of L1 trigger efficiency using CRAFT08 Cos­mic Muon data.

K. Mazumdar + 3 others
CMS AN 2009/xxx (Analysis note submitted to CMS editors, note number awaited)