MODEST 20: Dense Star Clusters in the Era of Large Surveys

February 2 - 7, 2020

Tata Instittue of Fundamental Research, Colaba, Mumbai, India


I am attending the conference. What visa do I need?

In order to attend the conference several of you will need visa. TIFR is under the umbrella of the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE). The rule for DAE is that all conference attendees to any conference organised at a DAE institute must get a "CONFERENCE" visa. No other visas are allowed. No e-visas (including e-conference) visa are allowed.

Please fill in the Visa Support Form (only once per participant) such that we can prepare the necessary approvals and visa support letters for you.

How to obtain a CONFERENCE visa?

Please fill in the Visa Support Form at your earliest convenience. Based on the information given in this form we will obtain the necessary permissions from the various departments of the government. We will send you three letters: (i) Invitation letter from the organisers, (ii) Event clearance from nodal ministry, (iii) Clearance from the relevant ministries. Once you have received these three documents from us, you should go to the nearest Indian embassy/consulate and apply for a conference visa.

I am not attending the conference, but accompanying someone who is. What visa do I need?

You do NOT need a conference visa. You can apply for any appropriate visa. For example, if your primary purpose of the visit is tourism, then you should opt for a tourist visa.

You still need to fill out the Visa Support Form. In this form please mention "accompanying [the-name-of-the-participant]" in the "Remarks" field near the end of the form.

What are some relevant links for learning more general information about Indian visa?

General information related to Indian visa.

List of Indian embassies and missions abroad.

The Colaba area of Mumbai has many hotels for all budgets. Feel free to use any trusted booking site to researve your hotel directly. TIFR is in the process of pre-arranging some hotels in the vicinity with special conference/TIFR discounts. Please come back to this page for a list of such hotels and information on how to reserve them at the pre-negotiated rates.

The conference will be held at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Homi Bhabha Road, Navy Nagar, Colaba, Mumbai 400005, India.

How to reach TIFR?

The closest airport is Chhatrapati Shivaji International OR Domestic airport. The airport code is BOM.

The closest train stations are Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT), and Churchgate. Other stations where long-distance trains come are Lokmanya Tilak and Mumbai Central stations.

TIFR from Chhatrapati Shivaji Interanational OR Domestic Airport (BOM; 1-2 hrs by taxi)
  • App-based cars:

    Uber and Ola are the most common app-based taxi hailing services in Mumbai. If you have access to data, then this is the best option to use, especially if you are familier with either of them at your home country/town. Usually, there are often cashless options for payment if you have them setup already. However, cashless options may not always work especially for foreign credit cards.

    Usually, simply typing TIFR will give you the correct destination option on both of these apps.

  • Pre-paid taxis:

    There are two options. One is Mumbai's famous "black and yellow" cab and other is "Cool cab". There is a counter just inside the arrival hall. You need to specify your destination. For example, if you are coming directly to TIFR, specify your destination as 'Navy Nagar'. The rates are posted prominently behind the counter. You will be given a receipt for your payment. Retain this till the end of your ride; then hand it over to the taxi driver. At the exit from the airport, the police may want to look at this slip. There are radio cabs also available in the airport premises. You will have to book the cab before exiting the airport building. The cost will be about ₹ 700-800/- from International airport and less than that from the domestic airport. This service is by tariff meter. However, small changes in the fair may occur during now and the time of your travel. If you are booking from the airport counter there is no need for negotiations. These are fixed rates.

  • Meter taxis:

    These are private AC luxury meter taxis like Meru Taxis (022-4422-4422), Mega Cabs (022-4242-4242) or Easy Cabs (022-4343-4343). There is a free phone counter inside the arrival hall to book these cabs.

  • Other options:

    These are non-standard options and may only be applicable in special cases. there are private tour operators who give service to TIFR on payment basis. You can contact them directly if you are interested to hire them. The contact details of some are as follows:

    1. ComfyBus (Mr.Noble Antony : +9122025013365, Mob: +91 9821060560, Email Id:
    2. VOLGA CARS (Mrs. Pavithran :+91 22 22044493 Mob: +91 9869229382, Email Id:,

    You may also explore the possibility of hotel-arranged pick up by directly contacting them.

TIFR from train stations
  • From Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT; 20-30 mins by taxi):

    Taxis are available from the CSMT. Alternatively, buses (routes 3, 6 Ltd, 136) come to Navy Nagar from outside the local station at CSMT. After getting off at the last stop (Navy Nagar bus stop) keep walking about 3 minutes more on the same road to reach TIFR.

  • From Churchgate Station (15-30 mins by taxi):

    Taxis are available from outside Churchgate. Alternately, a bus (route 137) comes from Churchgate to the Navy Nagar terminus, down the road from TIFR.

  • From Mumbai Central (30-45 mins by taxi):

    Taxis are available from the ranks outside the station. Alternatively, you could cross over to the local station and board a Churchgate bound local. You have to buy a separate ticket for the local train.

  • Free TIFR bus:

    This is an option for only those who know the area well. The bus starts from TIFR and follows a circular route first reaching CSMT, then Churchgate station, then back. The bus timings are available here. All timings are when it leaves TIFR. Add about half an hour to CSMT and 40 minutes to Churchgate.

Getting around and exploring Mumbai.

The app-based car services work. Right in front of the TIFR gate there is a taxi stand. The bus stand is about 2 minutes walk from the TIFR gate. Three bus routes 3, 125, and 137 service the Navy Nagar area.

If you can get to Churchgate and/or CSMT train stations, then you can also avail the local trains. The best app for knowing about all the suburban lines, train stations, maps, and train timings is m.indicator ( Google Play , App Store ).