Nanoscale physics and electronics

We focus on probing the physics at the nanometer scale in a variety of systems. We study electron transport, thermal transport and electromechanics in nanostrutures. Our work uses the nanofabrication facility at TIFR. Additionally, we use a combination of commercial and home-made electronics to measure the electronic signals from nanoscale devices. The goal of our work is to probe unique quantum mechanical effects and probe phenomena that is unique to nanoscale systems.

We are always looking for motivated postdocs, graduate students, and projects students. If you are interested please send an email.



Contact information:

phone: +91-22-2278-2796/2829

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Address: Department of Condensed Matter Physics and Materials Science Lab: CG 29 and D 427

Tata Institute of Fundamental Research,

Homi Bhabha Rd.,

Mumbai India 400005