International Workshop on Emergent Phenomena in Quantum Hall Systems

Confirmed speakers:

Klaus von Klitzing (MPI)

Duncan Haldane (Princeton)

Sankar Das Sarma (Maryland)

Yong Chen (Purdue)

Gabor Csathy (Purdue)

Jainendra Jain (Penn State)

Mansour Shayegan (Princeton)

Ashvin Vishwanath ( Berkeley)

David Goldhaber-Gordon (Stanford)

Maissam Barkeshli (Microsoft Q Station)

Michael Peterson ( CSULB)

Sudhanshu Mandal ( IACS)

Ravindra Bhatt (Princeton)

Koji Muraki (NTT BRL)

Juergen Weis (MPG)

Denis Maryenko (RIKEN)

Benedikt Frieß (MPG)

Euyheon Hwang ( SungKyunKwan University)

Hu-Jong Lee (Postech)

Mandar Deshmukh (TIFR)

Xi Lin (ICQM Peking U.)

Chi Zhang (ICQM Peking U.)

Johannes Pollanen (Caltech/Michigan State)

Yuval Oreg (Weizmann)

Subir Sachdev ( Harvard)

Mike Zaletel (Station Q, Microsoft)

Nitin Samarth (Penn State)

Efrat Shimshoni (Bar Ilan University)

Jun Zhu (Penn State)

Jagadeesh S. Moodera (MIT)


(updated 24th December 2015)

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