Low temperature cryostats with a variety of inserts
We have two VTI cryostats and several inserts including He3 inserts that allow to do measurements at any temperature between 300K and 300mK. The inserts are capable of DC, RF and optical measurements. The magnets in our cryostats can go upto 14T (4.2K) and 16T (Lambda fridge).
Probe stations
Probe stations for ambient and cryogenic measurements allow us to test devices and do initial measurements on our devices.
Optical microscope

Our Olympus microscope is a workhorse that we use frequently to look at devices and characterize them.

Glovebox and home made CVD system

We use our homemade CVD system and glovebox for chemical synthesis. The glove box is also used for long term storage of devices prone to oxidation.

Good luck charms :)

We use our good luck charm as and when needed.