Electron beam and photo lithography

Raith e-line is our main tool for lithography and has lots of nice features that allows us to do any kind of patterning.

For photolithography we rely on Karl-Suss contact aligner.

ICP coupled Reactive Ion Etchers and PECVD

Our reactive ion etchers and PECVD systems are from Sentech. These ICP coupled etchers and deposition tools can generate very high density of plasma making etching materials like sapphire and deposition of high quality dielectric at low temperature possible.

Atomic Layer deposition (ALD)

Our Cambridge Nanotech tool is primarily used for depositing dielectrics like aluminum oxide and hafnium oxide. Quick and relatively easy to use.

Characterization tools and wirebonder

For characterization inside the cleanroom we have a profilometer and an interferometric thin film thickness measurement system. We also have a Lieca optical microscope for imaging samples in bright and dark field.

Evaporator and sputtering system

Our high vaccum evaporator with a cryopump has two thermal sources and four pocket e-beam hearth. There are other custom features like sample rotation and in-situ plasma cleaning that come in very handy.

We also have a good sputtering system that allows us to sputter dielectric and metallic samples together with in-situ etching.