Electrical and spin transport with InAs nanowires


InAs nanowires are grown by metal organic chemical vapour deposition (MOCVD) technique. Due to the low band gap, this semiconductor nanowire can be contacted with metal electrodes to form ohmic contact. High electron mobility and strong spin orbit (SO) interaction makes this material interesting for electron transport experiment. In our magnetotransport measurement we have seen the weak anti localization effect due to disorder scattering and the tunable SO strength with applied gate voltage. These nanowires have twin defects which is one reason for getting small mean free path of electron. Work is going on to control this twin defect density. Twins free InAs nanowires can be interesting for device application.

The growth of these nanowires is done in the lab of Prof. Aranb Bhattacharya.

Thermal transport in InAs nanowires



We measure the thermal conductivity of individual nanowires. The motivation for this work is to look at the role of defects in modifying thermal conductivity. We also would like to study the phononic and electronic contributions to thermal conductivity.

Nanowire based levitation!

Not really a project.