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At Prithvi Theatre, Juhu

Chai and Why?

Negating the genuine
Exaggerated claims of the past: Undermining the achievements of Indian science

Mayank Vahia

Sunday, 2nd September, 2018
11:00 am
Prithvi Theatre

In recent times one hears several exaggerated claims about scientific and technological achievements in ancient India. In this session we will discuss some outstanding examples of ancient Indian science and then focus on why many of the recent claims are not tenable. We will show that many of the said achievements could not have been possible, based on their own basic knowledge as discussed in the description of their lifestyle.
About the speaker: Prof. Mayank Vahia, Dept. of Astronomy and Astrophysics, TIFR has worked in diverse areas from high-energy astrophysics to archaeo-astronomy.

*** PLEASE BE AT THE VENUE BY 10:50 AM to ensure a seat. Prithvi Theatre has a strict no-late-entries policy ***

At Ruparel College, Matunga (w.r.)

Chai and Why?

Destination Moon

Prithvi Gautham, John K. John, Hari Prasad Gokul
Team Indus

Sunday, 16th September, 2018
11:00 am
D.G. Ruparel College, Matunga (W), Mumbai
Room 7-Arts

India's aerospace startup Team Indus is attempting the first ever soft-landing on the Moon by any private entity. ECA, 'Ek Choti si Asha', the micro-class explo-ration rover tailored to explore the lunar surface is coming to Mumbai! Join Team Indus engineers as they share the jour-ney of building a moonshot - from the science and engineering behind the mission to the challenges of building a spacecraft and a space-grade rover.

About the speakers:
Prithvi Gautham, Jedi Trooper, is an engineer with the Control and Data Handling subsystem at TeamIndus. He designs electronic circuits that are simple yet fail-safe so that they survive the harsh environment of space. He's worked on the Telemetry-Telecommand system, Thermal control system, Communication system, etc. for the spacecraft and the rover.
John K John, Sky-walker, is an engineer with the spacecraft structures subsystem and is currently working towards completing the overall configuration and flight lander model configuration.
Hari Prasad Gokul, Sky-walker, is an electronics engineer with the Avionics team at TeamIndus .developing and testing the avionics systems that will fly on the spacecrafts.

ENTRY FREE! No pre-registration required. Please be on time. We start punctually.

At Alexandra School, Fort

TIFR@Alexandra School
Chai and Why?

Next Chai and Why? session @ Alexandra School will be on 30 September, 2018


National Science Day celebration @TIFR, Colaba on Feb 25, 2018

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