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[What's new?] (16-Nov-12)

Recent Results from INGA on Excitations of Transitional Nuclei, Talk given in NS2012, ANL, Chicago, 13 - 17 Aug 2012.

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[What's new?] (27-Aug-08)

 Light Ion Induced Reactions to Study the yraast and non-yrast states in A~130 nuclei , Talk given in Symposium on 50 years of Nuclear Shape  and Size at University of Surrey, UK, on 23-June-2008.


 Multiple Band Structure of 131Cs, Talk given in Gamma08 at RIKEN, Japan on 23-April-2008,
Part of the thesis of Mr. Samajit Sihotra (Punjab University / Guru Nanak Dev University)

[What's new?] (1-Nov-07)


Shape evolution with angular momentum through dipole bands in N=79 isotones.
Talk given at DAE-BRNS Theme Meeting on EXFOR Compilation of nuclear data, BARC, Mumbai (October 29- November 2, 2007).
Part of the thesis of Dr. Suresh Kumar  (IIT Roorkee)