Support Facilities

        Vacuum Laboratory (x 2318)

Maintainance of accelerator and beamline vacuum equipment is carried out in this lab .The laboratory is also equipped with He leak detector. Contact Mr. S.C. Sharma for assistance.

        Target Laboratory (x 2458) Target request form

Target laboratory is well equipped with metal foil rolling machine, electron gun and resistive heating type evaporation set ups. Users are expected to provide isotopic material. Contact Mr. Mahadkar or Ms. Deepa at least two weeks in advance for targets.

        Electronics Pool (x 2452)

Several NIM modules exist in common pool and users can borrow them during experiment. Contact Mr.Ramlal for more information.

        Telescope alignment (manual)

        User Slit settings (hall1, hall2)


  Health Physics Contact Mr. Anil Shanbag (x 2355) for further information