I work at the School of Technology and Computer Science at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research.

I am broadly interested in applications of probabilistic ideas in computer science. Before coming to TIFR, I have been affiliated with IIT Kanpur, UC Berkeley and Caltech.

Email: piyush.srivastava (at) tifr (dot) res (dot) in, piyushsr (at) cs (dot) berkeley (dot) edu.


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  1. Computing the independence polynomial: from the tree threshold down to the roots.
     with Nicholas J. A. Harvey and Jan Vondrák. Extended abstract in SODA 2018. [arXiv].

  2. Exact recovery in the Ising blockmodel.
     with Quentin Berthet and Philippe Rigollet. [arXiv].
     To appear in the Annals of Statistics.

  3. The Ising Partition Function: Zeros and Deterministic Approximation.
     with Jingcheng Liu and Alistair Sinclair. Extended abstract in FOCS 2017. [arXiv].

  4. Stability of causal inference.
     with Leonard J. Schulman. Extended abstract in UAI 2016. [Preprint].

  5. Evolutionary dynamics in finite populations mix rapidly.
     with Ioannis Panageas and Nisheeth K. Vishnoi. Extended abstract in SODA 2016. [Preprint].

  6. Symbolic integration and the complexity of computing averages.
     with Leonard J. Schulman and Alistair Sinclair. Extended abstract in FOCS 2015. [Preprint].

  7. Spatial mixing and the connective constant: Optimal bounds.
     with Alistair Sinclair, Daniel Štefankovič and Yitong Yin. Extended abstract in SODA 2015. [arXiv].
     Probability Theory & Related Fields. Online July 2016.

  8. Spatial mixing and approximation algorithms for graphs with bounded connective constant.
     with Alistair Sinclair and Yitong Yin. Extended abstract in FOCS 2013. [arXiv].

  9. Lee-Yang theorems and the complexity of computing averages.
     with Alistair Sinclair. Extended abstract in STOC 2013. [arXiv].
     Comm. Math. Phys. 329 (3), pp. 827–858. August 2014.

  10. A finite population model of molecular evolution.
     with Narendra M. Dixit and Nisheeth K. Vishnoi.
     J. Comp. Biol. 19 (10), pp. 1176–1202. October 2012.

  11. Approximation algorithms for two-state anti-ferromagnetic spin systems.
     with Alistair Sinclair and Marc Thurley. Extended abstract in SODA 2012. [arXiv].
     J. Stat. Phys. 155 (4), pp. 666–686. March 2014.



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  1. Approximating the hard core partition function with negative activities. April, 2015.

  2. A simplified proof of a Lee-Yang type theorem, with Mario Szegedy. July, 2014. [arXiv].

  3. The Lee-Yang theory of phase transitions. October, 2013.

  4. Inferring graphical structures, with Di Wang. May, 2013.