Quantum Measurement and Control Laboratory

The Quantum Measurement and Control Laboratory (QuMaC) at TIFR primarily investigates quantum phenomena in superconducting circuits. These nanofabricated electrical circuits are engineered to behave as “artificial atoms” with quantized energy levels. Two of those levels can form a quantum bit (qubit) and used to store and process information. With such qubits, one can build powerful computing machines capable of providing exponential speed up for certain mathematical problems. Our lab aims to tackle the fundamental challenges in building and controlling such quantum systems. Please browse our website to learn more about us and our research.

Latest News!

November 7, 2017: Our paper on the theory of multi-mode superconducting circuits is out on the arxiv : Link

Aug 18, 2017: Tanay Roy from QuMaC lab wins the second prize at the Young Physicists' Colloquium organized by the Indian Physical Society at IACS, Kolkata. Congratulations Tanay! Link

May 30, 2017: Our paper on "trimon", a novel three-qubit superconducting circuit is published in Physical Review Applied: Link


1. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
2. Department of Science and Technology (Ramanujan Fellowship)
3. Rigetti Quantum Computing, Berkeley, USA
4. Department of Science and Technology (Nano Mission)