A few simple rules for our guests

In order to provide efficient services to all our guests a few simple instructions and rules are formulated by the management committee. All guests and their hosts are requested to read the following document and adhere to the regulations. This will help us to manage the facility and provide unhindered service to all our guests.

  1. The Ramanujan house is part of TIFR and is only used to accommodate short and medium term official visitors to the Institute.
  2. Field station staff, who require to visit Colaba campus for official work, should send their requisition for accommodation through their Faculty member-in-charge or Field station-in-charge.
  3. The Guesthouse accommodation can be provided for a maximum period of 3 months.
  4. Hosts are required to ensure that their visitors are informed about the settlement of bill prior to departure.
  5. The booking for the guest from within India will close 24 hours after the scheduled check-in /arrival time.
  6. For the guests from abroad, it will close 48 hours after the scheduled check-in /arrival time.
  7. If the guest doesn’t turn up during the above period, then the booking will be cancelled and the room will be allotted to the waitlisted guests.
  8. The Check-in time is 12.00 noon and the check-out time is 10.00 AM. All guests are requested to cooperate and be punctual about the check-out time to facilitate the room cleaning and preparation for the subsequent guests.
  9. At the time of check-in or soon thereafter, please re-confirm the dates of your entire booking at the reception. Sometimes booking in the same room or the same type of room is unavailable for the entire duration of a Guest’s stay. This is clearly made known to the host at the time of booking. Re-confirming with the reception can help the concerned guest to avoid misunderstanding and surprises.
  10. Because the guesthouse is fully booked on most days of the year, it is not permitted to overstay for any reason. Even if your departure is delayed, you will need to check-out before 10.00 AM on the date of expiry of your booking. You may leave your baggage with the reception and use the common area at the Guesthouse for the rest of the day if necessary.
  11. In case of dispute over bookings, the Guest is advised to contact the hosts, and the host is requested to contact the Officer In-charge of the Guesthouse for settlements. In any such case, it is strictly forbidden to argue/abuse the guesthouse staff in any way as they are not entitled to make any changes in the booking without approval. They have instructions to contact with the Institute security to deal with any situation involving unpleasantness.
  12. Persons staying in the Guesthouse are not entitled to bring in unauthorized guest(s) to stay with them in the Guesthouse.
  13. The guests are requested to switch off the AC’s, lights, fans etc., close windows and lock their rooms when they go out of their rooms.
  14. Alcoholic drinks in the Guesthouse are strictly prohibited.
  15. The guesthouse staff is not responsible for any valuable items left behind by guests in the rooms. Please keep them in Electronic Lockers provided in the rooms.
  16. The Guesthouse is meant for you. Please help us keep it clean.
  17. There is always room for improvement. Suggestions/Complaints, if any, are most welcome and may be submitted though the feedback form available at the front desk or email it to feedback.gh{at}tifr.res.in. Your opinion will be kept confidential from the guesthouse staff.

Noise Restrictions

  1. The TIFR Guesthouse is intended to provide a peaceful environment for all its guests. It is not permitted to watch TV or play music at loud volumes at any time and particularly after 10 PM at night.
  2. Please do not congregate in the corridors of the guesthouse or disturb other guests, particularly at night.

Navy Nagar Regulations

  1. As TIFR is located within the Navy Nagar (Naval) Area, we are subjected to certain restrictions and regulations imposed by the Indian Navy. In particular, photography is only permitted inside the TIFR Housing Complex, and it is strictly forbidden on the streets outside as well as in the Institute campus.
  2. Naval security may screen or question persons entering Navy Nagar. Keeping a photo-ID card all time in person by the guest is strongly advised. The guesthouse will also provide a temporary ID card when you check-in. You are requested to co-operate with the security procedures and show them both the ID's if required.