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Thesis Monitoring Committee (TMC)

(rules & procedures)


Every registered student must have a Thesis Monitoring Committee (TMC).The TMC will monitor the progress of the doctoral work, help in mentoring the student, and advise the student as well as the supervisor, if necessary. It will also report periodically to the SBP on the progress of the student. In special cases, the TMC may be assigned additional responsibilities by the SBP.

The TMC must be formed by the Chair of the studentís Department, in consultation with the Thesis Supervisor, at the time of Registration.An Intimation Form for the same must be attached with the Registration Form for the Registration process to be complete. For details, see below.

The TMC will stand till the submission of the Thesis, or the expiry of the Registration, whichever is earlier.

The TMC must meet the student at least once in every academic session, and preferably once in every semester. There is no restriction on the maximum number of times the TMC can meet the student.

Towards the close of every academic session, i.e. in May of every year, the TMC will make a report to the SBP on the progress of the student. This report must be made in the TMC Report Form. If the TMC Report is not available, the student may be denied extension of the Fellowship for the next academic session.

In addition, the TMC may report to the SBP on the studentís progress at any time, if it is deemed necessary.

Composition of the TMC

The TMC must have a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 members.

The following members must always be included.


The Thesis Supervisorand Co-Supervisor (in case of joint supervision)


A faculty member from the same Department of TIFR as the student and Supervisor


A faculty member from any Department or Centre other than that of the student and Supervisor

Depending on the scientific need, additional members, who are occupants of responsible scientific positions, may be included, subject to the maximum permissiblenumber.

The TMC Reports to the SBP must be signed by the three mandatory members. Additional members may also sign, if they wish.


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