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Common Drop Test (CDT)

(for students of Integrated M.Sc.-Ph.D. only)


For dropping other courses, check here.

A Common Drop Test (CDT) is held to enable advanced students to get course waivers for some of the Core courses in the First Semester and utilize the time gained more efficiently. The CDT is held once a year, on a convenient date in the last week of August.All Integrated M.Sc.-Ph.D. students who have joined in that academic session are eligible to appear.

The CDT consists of 100-marks papers in the following subjects:



Mathematical Methods I(MM-1)



Classical Mechanics I(CM-1)



Quantum Mechanics I(QM-1)



Classical Electrodynamics I(ED-1)

The standard of these papers will be comparable to the End-Semester Examination of the same courses which are being taught during the Autumn semester. The CDT papers will be set by a Committee set up for this purpose, and not by the Instructors of the currently running courses.


If a student secures 65 or above in any paper of the CDT, he/she will be assumed to have completed the corresponding course and the marks in that CDT paper will be deemed to have been secured in the course. However, if the student wishes, he/she can continue in the course. If the student decides to continue, his/her CDT result in the corresponding paper will stand automatically cancelled.

The Instructor will inform the Course Coordinator if a student has cleared the Drop Test. If a student secures less than 65 in any paper of the CDT, he/she can simply continue in the course. No prejudice will be attached to his/her performance in the CDT.

If a student has cleared at least TWO of the CDT papers, he/she may take the course P-199 : Reading Course I (RC-1) instead. However, this is not mandatory and is left to the student to choose.

ALL students of the Integrated-Ph.D. programmes are encouraged to sit for the Common Drop Test (CDT).

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Dropping Compulsory Courses

For all Compulsory courses, except those under CDT and those listed below, any student (Ph.D. or Integrated M.Sc.-Ph.D) can approach the Course Instructor for a Drop Test.

This will be a written test with marks assigned out of 100 so that a student may be deemed to have cleared it if he/she gets 65 or more marks; this mark will then be used with the full credits in order to calculate the studentís CPI.

No prejudice will attach to a student who fails to secure 65 marks in the Drop Test; he/she may simply continue in the course.


The following Compulsory courses may not be dropped:

EX-1, EX-2, EX-3, DP-1, DP-2, M.Sc. Project


Drop Test is not permitted for Elective Courses. The student may choose another elective to instead.

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