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                                                        LIST NO.07/2012



 1  Affine Bernstein problems and Monge-Ampere equations / 

         by An Min Li...[et al].-- Singapore: World Scientific, c2010

         xii, 180p. Bibliography: p.173-177.                                 

         4.14 LI           B139001                               


 2  Ben-Tal, Aharon                                           

         Robust optimization / by Aharon Ben-Tal, Laurent El  Ghaoui     

        and Arkadi Nemirovski.-- Princeton: Princeton    

         University Press, c2009.  xxii, 542p.                   

         (Princeton Series in Applied Mathematics).              

         Bibliography: p.531-538.                                

         11.04 BEN           B138998                             


 3  Carmichael, Richard D.                                     

         Boundary values and convolution in ultradistribution    

         spaces / by Richard D.Carmichael, Andrzej Kaminski and  

         Stevan Pilipovic.-- New Jersey: World Scientific, c2007.

         xii, 217p. (Series on Analysis, Applications and Computation; v.1).

         Bibliography: p.205-212.                                

         4.14 CARM           B139002                             


 4  Cerny, Ales                                               

         Mathematical techniques in finance: tools for incomplete

         markets / by Ales Cerny.--2nd ed.-- Princeton: Princeton

         University Press, c2009.  xx, 390p.                     

         Bibliography: p.381-384.                                

         9 CERNY           B138994                               


 5  Dunajski, Maciej                                          

         Solitons, instantons and twistors / by Maciej Dunajski.--

         Oxford: Oxford University Press, c2010.  xiii, 359p.    

         (Oxford Graduate Texts in Mathematics; 19).              

         Bibliography: p.344-354.                                

         12.01 DUNA           B138991                            


 6  Golub, Gene H.                                            

         Matrices, moments and quadrature with applications / 

         by Gene H. Golub and Gerard Meurant.-- Princeton: Princeton

         University Press, c2010.  xi, 363p.                     

         (Princeton Series in Applied Mathematics).              

         Bibliography: p.335-359.                                

         11.01 GOLUB           B138996                           


 7  Guz, A.N.                                                 

         Dynamics of compressible viscous fluid / by A.N. Guz.-- 

         Cambridge: Cambridge Scientific Publishers, c2009.  xxi, 407p.

         (Stability,Oscillations and Optimization of Systems;v.1.

         Bibliography: p.397-403.                                

         12.06 GUZ           B138975                             


 8  Haglund, James                                            

         The $q,$t-catalan numbers and the spaces of diagonal    

         harmonics: with an appendix on the combinatorics of     

         Macdonald polynomials / by James Haglund.-- Cambridge:  

         Cambridge University Press, c2008.  viii, 167p.         

         (University Lecture Series; v.41). Bibliography: p.163-167.                                

         2.08 HAGL           B138988                             


 9  Krantz, Steven G.                                         

         A Guide to topology / by Steven G. Krantz.-- Washington,

         D.C.: Mathematical Association of America, c2009.  xii, 106p.                                                   

         (The Dolciani Mathematical Expositions; no.40).         

         (MAA Guides; no.4). Bibliography: p.99-101.                                 

         6.01 KRAN           B139003                             


10  Zotev, D.B.                                               

         Topology of integrable systems: the Fomenko theory / by 

         D.B. Zotev.-- Cambridge: Cambridge Scientific Publishers,

         c2010.  vi, 158p.                                       

         (Reviews in Mathematics and Mathematical Physics; v.14, pt.1).                                         

         Bibiography: p.151-155.                                 

         16 R.M.M.P.           B138993


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