DISPLAYED ON 01/01/2017

LIST NO.01/2017



1. Hess, Dick
         The population explosion and other mathematical puzzles / by Dick Hess. –
         Singapore: World Scientific, c2016.
         ix, 152p.
         21 HESS                 B141128

2. Khoury, Joseph
         The mathematics that power our world: how is it made? /
          by Joseph Khoury and Gilles Lamothe. –
          Singapore: World Scientific, c2016.
          xivi, 204p.
          12.04 KHOU         B141111

3. Mallios, Anastasios
          Differential sheaves and connections: a natural approach to
          physical geometry / by Anastasios Mallios and Elias Zafiris. -
          New Jersey: World Scientific, c2015.
          xv, 285p.
          Bibliography: p.265-278.
          8.05 MALL          B141136

4. Scharlemann, Martin
        Lecture notes on generalized Heegaard splittings / by Martin Scharlemann,

        Jennifer Schultens and Toshio Saito. –
        New Jersey: World Scientific, c2016.
        viii, 130p.
        Bibliography: p.123-127.
        Three lectures on Low-dimensional topology in Kyoto, given at
        RIMS in 2001. - pref.
        7 SCHA              B141126

5. Shen, Wen
        An introduction to numerical computation / by Wen Shen. –
        New Jersey: World Scientific, c2016.
        xii, 255p.
        Bibliography: p.251.
        11.01 SHEN       B141125

6. Tignol, Jean-Pierre
       Galois' theory of algebraic equations / by Jean-Pierre Tignol. - 2nd ed.. –
       New Jersey: World Scientific, c2016.
       xvi, 308p.
       Bibliography: p.299-304.
       2.05 TIGN          B141137


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