DISPLAYED ON 01/06/2017

LIST NO.11/2017



1. Borgers, Tilman
        Introduction to the theory of mechanism design / by Tilman Borgers,
        Daniel Krahmer and Roland Strausz. –
        Oxford: Oxford University Press, c2015.
        xv, 246p.
        Bibliography: p.239-244.
        12.11 BORG                     B141251

2. Freg, Gottlob
        Basic laws of arithmetic: derived using concept-script, vol. I - II / by

        Gottlob Frege. –
        Oxford: Oxford University Press, c2016.
        2v. (xxxii, 253p.; xv, 285p.) Combined Volume.
        1.02 FREG                        B141240

3. Isett, Philip
        Holder continuous Euler flows in three dimensions with compact
        support in time / by Philip Isett. –
        Princeton: Princeton University Press, c2017.
        x, 201p.
        PhD.Thesis: - t.p.verso.
        12.06 ISETT                     B141238

4. Mandelbrot, Benoit
        Benoit mandelbrot: a life in many dimensions / edited by Michael
        Frame and Nathan Cohen. –
        New Jersey: World Scientific, c2015.
        xxiii, 553p.
        19 FRAME                      B141242 (Cupboard)

5. Pesaran, M. Hashem
        Time series and panel data econometrics / by M. Hashem Pesaran. -
        Oxford: Oxford University Press, c2015.
        xxx, 1064p.
        References: p.995-1033.
        12.11 PESA                       B141252

6. Sourcebook in the mathematics of medieval Europe and North Africa /
        edited by Victor J. Katz ...[et al.]. –
        Princeton: Princeton University Press, c2016
        xvi, 574p.
        19 KATZ                          B141236

7. Vaart, A. W. van der
        Asymptotic statistics / by A. W. van der Vaart. - Cambridge:
        Cambridge University Press, c1998.
        xv, 443p.
        4.09 VAAR                       B141250


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