DISPLAYED ON 01/11/2017

LIST NO.21/2017



1. Artstein-Avidan, Shiri
        Asymptotic geometric analysis, part I / by Shiri Artstein-Avidan,
        Apostolos Giannopoulos and Vitali D. Milman. –
        Providence: American Mathematical Society, c2015.
        xix, 451p.

        (Mathematical Surveys and Monographs; v.202).
        Bibliography: p.415-437.
        8.06 ARTS                                        B141349

2. Bell, Jason P.
        The dynamical Mordell-Lang conjecture / by Jason P. Bell,

        Dragos Ghioca and Thomas J. Tucker. –
        Providence: American Mathematical Society, c2016.
        xiii, 280p.

        (Mathematical Surveys and Monographs; v.210).
        Bibliography: p.267-275.
        8.05 BELL                                     B141351

3. Collected papers of John Milnor, VII: dynamical systems (1984–2012) /
        edited by Araceli Bonifant. –
        Providence: American Mathematical Society, c2014.
        xiv, 592p.
        15 MILN                                       B141350

4. Dodos, Pandelis
        Ramsey theory for product spaces / by Pandelis Dodos and
        Vassilis Kanellopoulos. –
        Providence: American Mathematical Society, c2016.
        ix, 245p.

        (Mathematical Surveys and Monographs; v.212).
        2.08 DODO                                B141355

5. Geometric Analysis / edited by Hubert L. Bray ...[et al.]. -
        Providence: American Mathematical Society, c2016.
        xvi, 438p.

        (IAS/Park City Mathematics Series; v.22)       
        Bibliograpy: p.435-438.
        16 IAS-PARK                            B141353

6. Hardouin, Charlotte
        Galois theories of linear difference equations: an introduction / by
        Charlotte Hardouin, Jacques Sauloy and Michael F. Singer. -
        Providence: American Mathematical Society, c2016.
        x, 171p.

        (Mathematical Surveys and Monographs; v.211).       
        2.05 HARD                               B141352

7. Morgan, John
        The geometrization conjecture / by John Morgan and Gang Tian. -
        Providence: American Mathematical Society, c2014.
        ix, 291p.

        (Clay Mathematics Monographs; v.5)
        Bibliography: p.281-282.
        8.07 MORG                           B141354

8. Saito, Takeshi
        Autour des Motifs (Around the motives): Asian-French Summer School on
        algebraic geometry and number theory: Volume III / by Takeshi Saito,
        Laurent Clozel and Jorg Wildeshaus. –
        Paris: Societe Mathematique deFrance, c2016.
        xii, 131p.

        (Panoramas et Syntheses; no.49)
        16 S.M.F.-A.M.S.                    B141356


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