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LIST NO.12/2018




1. Astrophysical applications of gravitational lensing / edited by

        Evencio Mediavilla ...[et al.].
        Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, c2016.
        xiii, 290p.
        (Canary Islands Winter School of Astrophysics, v.xxiv)
        524.834:681.7.066 MED         B141505

2. Catling, David C.
        Atmospheric evolution on inhabited and lifeless worlds / by David C. Catling
        and James F. Kasting.
        Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, c2017.
        xiv, 579p.
        Bibliography: p.467-561.
        523.4-852 CAT         B141506

3. Chaddah, Praveen
        First order phase transitions of magnetic materials: broad and
        interrupted transitions / by Praveen Chaddah.
        Boca Raton: CRC Press, c2017.
        xvii, 155p.
        536.775 CHA            B141502

4. Chang, Tom Tien Sun
        An introduction to space plasma complexity / by Tom Tien Sun Chang. -
        Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, c2015.
        xvi, 160p.
        (Cambridge Atomospheric and Space Science Series)
        References: p.133-155.
        52-726 CHA             B141503

5. Planetesimals: early differentiation and consequences for planets /
        edited by Linda T. Elkins-Tanton and Benjamin P. Weiss. - Cambridge:
        Cambridge University Press, c2017.
        xii, 381p.
        (Cambridge Planetary Science)
        "Color plates section found between p.244-245".
        523.4-52 TON            B141508

6. Proceedings of PHENO1: the first workshop on beyond standard model
        physics at IISER Mohali, India from 6-9 April 2016 / edited by
        Charanjit S. Aulakh and Ketan Patel.
        Bengaluru: Indian Academy of Sciences, c2017.
        viii, 137p.
        Reprinted from "Pramana - Journal of Physics" Vol. 89, No.4, October2017
        (Special Issue).
        539.12.162.8 AUL         B141493

7. Readey, Dennis W.
        Kinetics in materials science and engineering / by Dennis W. Readey. -
        Boca Raton: CRC Press, c2017.
        xiii, 611p.
        Note: "Also available as CRC e-book".
        533.72 REA             B141500



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