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 1  Baillon, Paul                                             

         Differential manifolds: basic approach for experimental 

         physicists / by Paul Baillon.-- New Jersey: World       

         Scientific, c2013.  ix, 582p.                           

         Bibliography: p.561.                                     

         530.1 BAI           B140910                             


 2  Diep, Hung T.                                             

         Statistical physics: fundamentals and application to    

         condensed matter with lectures, problems and solutions /

         by Hung T. Diep.-- New Jersey: World Scientific, c2015. 

         xxv, 621p.                                               

         Bibliography: p.609-615.                                

         531.19:538.9 DIEP           B140917                     


 3  Ekspong, Gosta                                             

         Oskar Klein memorial lectures: 1988-1999 / by Gosta     

         Ekspong.-- New Jersey: World Scientific, c2014.  xi,    


         53(042) EKS           B140914                           


 4  Fioresi, Rita                                             

         Minkowski and conformal superspaces : the classical and 

         quantum descriptions / by Rita Fioresi and Maria Antonia

         Lledo.-- New Jersey: World Scientific, c2015.  xxi, 341p.

         Bibliography: p.331-338.                                

         530.1 FIO           B140913                             


 5  Fragility of glass-forming liquids / edited by A. Lindsay 

         Greer, Kenneth Kelton and Srikanth Sastry.-- New Delhi: 

         Hindustan Book Agency, c2014.  xxvii, 501p.             

         (Texts and Readings in Physical Sciences; 13).          

         539.213 GRE           B140911                           


 6  From physics to daily life: applications in biology,      

         medicine and healthcare / edited by Beatrice Bressan.-- 

         Weinheim: Wiley-Blackwell, c2014.                              

          xxxix, 346p.                       

         53.06:539.1.076 BRE           B140919                   


 7  Gauge theories of gravitation: a reader with commentaries /

         edited by Milutin Blagojevic and Friedrich W Hehl.-- New

         Jersey: World Scientific, c2013.  xvii, 635p.           

         530.12:531.51 BLA           B140912                     


 8  Macrina, Francis L.                                        

         Scientific integrity / Francis L. Macrina.--4th ed.--   

         Washington, D.C.: American Society for Microbiology, c2014.   

         xxxii, 530p.               

         500:174 MAC           B140916                           


 9  Rotation and momentum transport in magnetized plasmas /   

         edited by Patrick H. Diamond...[et al.]-- New Jersey:   

         World Scientific, c2015.  xx, 315p.                     

         (Reviews of the Theory of Magnetized Plasmas; v.2).      

         533.9:537.87 DIA           B140915                      


10  Vindication of cosmic biology: tribute to Sir Fred Hoyle  

         (1915-2001) / edited by Nalin Chandra Wickramsinghe.--  

         New Jersey: World Scientific, c2015.  xxiv, 688p.       

         573.5 WIC           B140918


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