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LIST NO.08/2017



1. Avery, John Scales

         Information theory and evolution / by John Scales Avery. - 2nd ed. -

         New Jersey: World Scientific, c2012.
         xii, 264p.
         575.8:621.391 AVE                        B141207


2. The global challenge of malaria: past lessons and future prospects /

         edited by Frank M Snowden

         and Richard Bucala. - New Jersey: World Scientific, c2014.

         xvi, 219p.
         616.936 SNO                         B141203


3. Kretsinger, Robert

         History and philosophy of biology / by Robert Kretsinger.

         New Jersey: World Scientific, c2015.
         ix, 351p.
         57(091) KRE                         B141204


4. Lamb, Bernard Charles

         Human diversity: its nature, extent, causes and effects on people /

         by Bernard Charles Lamb.

         New Jersey: World Scientific, c2016.
         xv, 432p.
         575.832 LAMB                         B141206


5. Norrby, Erling

         Nobel prizes and nature's surprises / by Erling Norrby.

         New Jersey: World Scientific, c2013.
         xviii, 472p.
         References: p.421-431.
         06.068 NOBEL:500/600 NOR          B141208


6. Physical biology: from atoms to medicine / edited by Ahmed H Zewail.

         New Jersey: World Scientific, c2008.

         xiii, 584p.
         577.3 ZEW                         B141209


7. Rossmann, Michael G.

         Selected papers of Michael G Rossmann with commentaries:

         the development of structural biology / by Michael G. Rossmann. -

         New Jersey: World Scientific, 2014.
         xiv, 464p.
         577.22(081) ROS                        B141212


8. Wyhe, John van

         Dispelling the darkness: voyage in the malay archipelago and the discovery of

         evolution by Wallace and Darwin / by John van Wyhe. -

         New Jersey: World Scientific, c2013.
         xi, 405p.
         92:502 WYHE                         B141202


9. Zhang, WenJun

         Selforganizology: the science of self-organization / by WenJun Zhang. -

         New Jersey: World Scientific, c2016.
         x, 404p.
         007.5 ZHA                         B141213

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