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                                                   LIST NO. 16/2009




 1  Advances in Computers.-- San Diego: Academic Press, 1960--.

         Vol.77/edited by Marvin V. Zelkowitz.-c2009.-xvii, 354p.

         681.3(047.1) A.C.           B136893                     


 2  Annual Review of Genetics.-- Palo Alto: Annual Reviews,   

         1967 -. Vol.41/edited by Allan Campbell.-2007.-x, 564p.         

         575(047.1) A.R.G.           B136932                     


 3  Asselmeyer-Maluga, Torsten                                

         Exotic smoothness and physics: differential topology and

         spacetime models / by Torsten Asselmeyer-Maluga and

         Carl H. Brans.-- New Jersey: World Scientific, c2007.  xiv,  


         Bibliography: p.307-316.                                

         530.12 ASS           B136855                            


 4  Auzinsh, Marcis                                            

         Optical polarization of molecules / by Marcis Auzinsh and

         Ruvin Ferber.-- Cambridge: Cambridge University Press,  

         c1995, 2005.  xv, 306p.                                 

         (Cambridge Monographs on Atomic, Molecular and Chemical 

         Physics; 4).                                            

         Bibliography: p.266-294.                                

         54-12/-13:535.51 AUZ           B136841                  


 5  Bell, Madison Smartt                                      

         Lavoisier in the year one: the birth of a new science in

         an age of revolution / by Madison Smartt Bell.-- New York

         : W.W. Norton, c2005, 2006.  xi, 214p.                  

         (Great Discoveries).                                    

         92:54LAV BELL           B136864                         


 6  Blundell, Stephen                                         

         Magnetism in condensed matter / by Stephen Blundell.--  

         Oxford: Oxford University Press, c2001.  xii, 238p.     

         (Oxford Master Series in Condensed Matter Physics).     

         538.9:537.622 BLU           B136902                     


 7  Demin, Oleg                                               

         Kinetic modelling in systems biology / by Oleg Demin and

         Igor Goryanin.-- Boca Raton: CRC Press, c2009.  xxi,    


         (Chapman & Hall/CRC Mathematical and Computational      

         Biology Series).                                        

         Bibliography: p.303-322.                                

         577.31 DEM           B136847                            


 8  Developmental toxicology / edited by Deborah K. Hansen and

         Barbara D. Abbott.--3rd ed.-- New York: Informa         

         Healthcare, c2009.  x, 384p.                            

         (Target Organ Toxicology Series; v. 27).                

         575.16:615.9 HAN           B136846                      


 9  Fox, Mark                                                 

         Optical properties of solids / by Mark Fox.-- Oxford:   

         Oxford University Press, c2001, 2008.  xii, 305p.       

         (Oxford Master Series in Condensed Matter Physics).     

         Bibliography: p.290-294.                                

         539.2:535 FOX           B136905                          


10  Franklin, Jerrold                                         

         Classical electromagnetism / by Jerrold Franklin.-- New 

         Delhi: Dorling Kindersley (India), c2005, 2007.  485p.  

         Bibliography: p.475.                                    

         537.8 FRA           B136898                             


11  Hargittai, Istvan                                         

         Candid science VI: more conversations with famous       

         scientists / by Istvan Hargittai and Magdolna Hargittai.-

         London: Imperial College Press, c2006.  x, 885p.        

         500(047.43) HAR           B136851                       


12  International Astronomical Union.                         

         Symposium(253th:2008:Baltimore, Maryland, USA)           

         The ages of Stars / edited by Eric E. Mamajek, David R. Soderblom

         and Rosemary F.G. Wyse.-- Cambridge: Cambridge

         University Press, c2009.  xix, 463p.                    

         (IAU Symposium Proceeedings Series; 258).               

         proceedings of the 258th symposium of the International 

         Astronomical Union held in Baltimore, Maryland, USA,    

         October 13-17, 2008.                                    

         521/525:061.3 I.A.U.           B136931                  


13  International Astronomical Union.                         

         Symposium(256th:2008:Keele University, U.K.)            

         The magellanic system: stars, gas, and galaxies / edited

         by Jacco Th. van Loon and Joana M. Oliveira.-- Cambridge:

         Cambridge University Press, c2009.  xxvii, 484p.        

         (IAU Symposium Proceedings Series; 256).                

         proceedings of the 256th symposium of the International 

         Astronomical Union held at Keele University, United     

         Kingdom, July 28-August 1, 2008.                        

         521/525:061.3 I.A.U.           B136891                  


14  International Astronomical Union.                         

         Symposium(257th:2008:Ioannina, Greece)                  

         Universal heliophysical processes / edited by           

         Natchimuthukonar Gopalswamy and David F. Webb.--        

         Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, c2009.  xvii,    

         608p.  (IAU Symposium Proceedings Series; 257).                

         proceedings of the 257th symposium of the International 

         Astronomical Union held in Ioannina, Greece, September 15

         19, 2008.                                               

         521/525:061.3 I.A.U.           B136892                  


15  International Astronomical Union.                         

         Symposium(259th:2008:Puerto Santiago, Tenerife, Spain)  

         Cosmic magnetic fields: from planets, to stars and      

         galaxies / edited by Klaus G. Strassmeier, Alexander G. Kosovichev

         and John E. Beckman.-- Cambridge: Cambridge  

         University Press, c2009.  xx, 686p.                     

         (IAU Symposium Proceedings Series; 259).                

         proceedings of the 259th symposium of the International 

         Astronomical Union held in Puerto Santiago, Tenerife,   

         Spain, November 3-7, 2008.                               

         521/525:061.3 I.A.U.           B136890                  


16  International Review of Neurobiology.-- San Diego: Academic

         Press, 1959--.  Vol.84: Neurobiology of dementia/edited by       

         Alireza Minagar.-c2009.-xvi, 337p.                              

         Alt. Title : Neurobiology of dementia.                  

         616.8(047.1) I.R.N.           B136894                   


17  Koneman, Elmer W.                                         

         The other end of the microscope: the bacteria tell their

         own story / by Elmer W. Koneman; illustrated by Bert    

         Dodson; edited by Eleanor S. Tupper.-- Washington, D.C.:

         ASM Press, c2002.  xi, 207p.                            

         Bibliography: p.199-200.                                

         579 KON           B136798                               


18  Salyers, Abigail A.                                       

         Revenge of the microbes: how bacterial resistance is     

         undermining the antibiotic miracle / by Abigail A. Salyers       

         and Dixie D. Whitt.-- Washington, D.C.: ASM Press,

         c2005.  xii, 186p.                                    

         Bibliography: p.176-178.                                 

         579:615.33 SAL           B136802                        


19  Singleton, John                                           

         Band theory and electronic properties of solids / by

         John Singleton.-- Oxford: Oxford University Press, c2001, 2008

         xvi, 222p. (Oxford Master Series in Condensed Matter Physics).     

         539.2 SIN           B136897                             


20  Venkataraman, G.                                          

         Bhabha and his magnificient obsessions / by G. Venkataraman:         

          Universities Press (India)., c1994, 2008. 

         ix, 209p.  (Vignettes in Physics).                                 

         92:53BHA VEN           B136934,Cupboard                 



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