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LIST NO.16/2016


1  Beard, Daniel A.                                           
         Chemical biophysics: quantitative analysis of cellular   
         systems / by Daniel A. Beard and Hong Qian.--                      
         Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, c2010, 2008. 
         xviii, 311p.   
         (Cambridge Texts in Biomedical Engineering).             
         Bibliography: p.296-306.                                 
         577.32 BEA                          B141020                             
2  Dehant, V.                                                 
         Precession, nutation and wobble of the Earth /                          
         by V.Dehant and P.M. Mathews.--                                   
         Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, C2015.  
         xv, 536p.                      
         Bibliography: p.482-533.                                 
         521.92 DEH                          B141026                             
3  Eicher, David J.                                           
         New cosmos: answering astronomy's big questions / 
         by David J. Eicher.—
         Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, C2015. 
         xviii, 279p.                                     
         Bibliography: p.259-263p.                                
         52 EIC                               B141022                                 
4  Emerging trends and issues in scientometrics, informetrics 
         and webometrics / edited by  P.K. Jain...[et al.]--                    
         New Delhi: Ane Books, c2016.      
         xi, 570p.                              
         "Includes conference papers during COLLNET 2015 held at  
         the Institute of Economic Growth, New Delhi, India       
         between November 26 and 28, 2015".-- pref.               
         025:681.34]:061.3 COLLNET            B141009              
5  Harris, Frank E.                                           
         Mathematics for physical science and engineering:        
         symbolic computing applications in Maple and Mathematica 
         / by Frank E. Harris.—              
         Amsterdam: Elsevier, c2014.                  
         xiv, 768p.           
         530.1:681.3.06 HAR                   B140923                     
6  Lunine, Jonathan I.                                        
         Earth: evolution of a habitable world / 
         by Jonathan I.Lunine.--2nd ed.—
         Cambridge: Cambridge University Press,c2013, 1999.  
         viii, 318p.                                
         523.31 LUN                           B141021                             
7  New trends for hamiltonian systems and celestial mechanics:
       International symposium on Hamiltonian Systems and         
         Celestial Mechanics, Cocoyoc, Morelos, Mexico, Sept. 
         13-17, 1994. / edited by Ernesto Lacomba and Jaume Llibre.--
         Singapore: World Scientific, c1996.  
         ix, 395p.           
        (Advanced Series in Nonlinear Dynamics; v.8).            
         531.314:521.1:061.3 LAC              B141023                
8  Origins and evolution of life: an astrobiological          
         perspective / edited by  Muriel Gargaud, Purificación    
         López-Garcěa and  Herve Martin.—
         Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, c2011.  
        (Cambridge Astrobiology; v.6).                           
         573.5 GAR                            B141024                              
9  Peter, Patrick                                                              
         Primordial cosmology / by Patrick Peter and 
         Jean-Philippe Uzan.—
         Oxford: Oxford University press, c2013.                     
         524.83 PET                           B141048                              
10  Practical methods for biocatalysis and biotransformations 3
         / edited by John Whittall, Peter W. Sutton and
         Wolfgang Kroutil.—
         Weinheim: Wiley, 2016. 
         xxvi, 289p.           
         577.151(047.1) WHI                   B141025                     
11  Reason and imagination: reflections on research in organic 
         chemistry selected papers of Derek H.R.  Barton / edited 
         by Derek H R Barton.—
         New Jersey: World Scientific, c1996. 
         xvi, 490p.                                       
         (World Scientific Series in 20th Century Chemistry; v.6).
         547-046.44(081) BAR                  B141018


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