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LIST NO.03/2017


1. Aruldhas, G. 
        Quantum mechanics / by G. Aruldhas. - 2nd ed.. 
        Delhi: PHI Learning, c2008, 2016.
        xvi, 504p.
        Bibliography: p.487-488.
        530.145.6 ARU                      B141167

2. Canales, Jimena 
        The physicist and the philosopher: Einstein, Bergson and the
        debate that changed our understanding of time / by Jimena Canales.  
        Princeton: Princeton University Press, c2015.
        viii, 479p.
        92:53 EIN CAN                    B141160

3. Clements, David L. 
        Infrared astronomy - seeing the heat: from William Herschel to
        the Herschel space observatory / by David L. Clements.  
        Boca Raton: CRC Press, c2015.
        xxiii, 266p.
        Bibliography: p.249-260.
        520.87-76 CLE                   B141166

4. Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on Quantitative Biology.  
        Cold Spring Harbor: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, 1933--. 
        Vol.80: 21st century genetics: genes at work.- 2015.-
        xix, 361p.
        573:061.3 C.S.H.L.            B141162

5. Introduction to protein structure prediction: methods and
        algorithms / edited by Huzefa Rangwala and George Karypis. -
        Weinheim: Wiley, c2010. 
        xiv, 500p. 
        577.112 RAN                    B141150

6. Longstaff, Alan 
        Astrobiology: an introduction / by Alan Longstaff. - 
        Boca Raton: CRC Press, c2015.
        xxxii, 422p.
        Bibliography: p.399-406.
        573.5:52 LON                B141165

7. Ryder, Lewis H.
        Quantum field theory / by Lewis H. Ryder. - 2nd ed.. -
        Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, c1996, 
        Indian Reprint 2012.
        xviii, 487p.
        References :p.476-481.
        530.145 RYD              B141161

8. Strocchi, Franco
        An introduction to non-perturbative foundations of quantum field
        theory / by Franco Strocchi. - Paperback ed..  
        Oxford: Oxford University Press, c2013, 2016.
        xi, 257p.
        "These notes was the content of courses given at 'Scuola Normale
        Superiore (Pisa)' during last 10 years. - pref. Bibliography:
        530.145 STR            B141159

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