DISPLAYED ON 01/01/2016

LIST NO.01/2016



 1  Lewenstein, Maciej                                         
         Ultracold atoms in optical lattices: simulating quantum  
         many-body systems / by Maciej Lewenstein, Anna Sanpera   
         and Veronica Ahufinger.-- Oxford: Oxford University Press,
         c2012.  xiv, 479p.                                     
         Bibliography: p.439-470.                                 
         538.913:536.483 LEW           B140835                    
 2  Lipton, Richard J.                                         
         Quantum algorithms via linear algebra: a primer /     
         by Richard J. Lipton and Kenneth W. Regan.-- Cambridge: MIT 
         Press, c2014.  xiii, 192p.                               
         Bibliography: p.183-187.                                 
         681.324:512.64 LIP           B140832                     
 3  Quigg, Chris                                               
         Gauge theories of the strong, weak and electromagnetic   
         interactions / by Chris Quigg.--2nd ed.-- Princeton:     
         Princeton University Press, c2013.  xiii, 482p.          
         530.12:539.17 QUI           B140846                      
 4  Rao, S. Balachandra                                        
         Indian astronomy: concepts and procedures /        
         by S. Balachandra Rao.-- Bangalore: Bhavan's Gandhi Centre 
         of  Science and Human Values, c2014.  328p.                  
         Bibliography: p.309-314.                                 
         52(091)(54) RAO           B140836                        
 5  Rau, A.P.R.                                                
         Beauty of physics: patterns, principles and perspectives /
         by A.P.R. Rau.-- Oxford: Oxford University Press, c2014
         xii, 219p.                                               
         Bibliography: p.197-198.                                 
         53 RAU           B140834                                 
 6  Rieffel, Eleanor G.                                        
         Quantum computing: a gentle introcuction / by Eleanor G. 
         Rieffel and Wolfgang H. Polak.-- Cambridge: MIT Press,   
         c2014.  xiii, 372p.                                      
         Bibliography: p.351-363.                                 
         681.324:530.145 RIE           B140833                    
 7  Sterling, Peter                                            
         Principles of neural design / by Peter Sterling and Simon
         Laughlin.-- Cambridge: MIT Press, c2015.  xxiii, 541p.   
         Bibliography: p.466-518.                                 
         612.82 STE           B140831                             
 8  Taylor, John R.                                            
         Modern physics for scientist and engineers /  
         by John R. Taylor, Chris D. Zafiratos and Michael A. Dubson.-- 
         2nd ed.-- New Jersey: University Science Books, c2015.       
         xviii, 720p.                                             
         539.1:62 TAY           B140830
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