DISPLAYED ON 01/01/2018

LIST NO.01/2018



1. Behnia, Kamran
        Fundamentals of thermoelectricity / by Kamran Behnia. –
        Oxford: Oxford University Press, c2015.
        xv, 233p.
        References: p.213-229.
        537.32 BEH                      B141387

2. Fritzsch, Harald
        Quantum field theory / by Harald Fritzsch. –
        New Jersey: World Scientific, c2017.
        vi, 160p.
        Bibliography: p.159-160.
        530.145 FRI                    B141385

3. Gonzalo, Julio A.
        Cosmic paradoxes / by Julio A. Gonzalo. - 2nd edition. -
        New Jersey: World Scientific, c2017.
        xxiv, 182p.
        Glossary: p.165-170.
        524.82 GON               B141382

4. Narlikar, A. V.
        Superconductors / by A. V. Narlikar. –
        Oxford: Oxford University Press, c2014.
        xii, 477p.
        References: p.431-470.
        538.945 NAR            B141390

5. Neutrino astronomy: current status, future prospects / edited by
        Thomas Gaisser and Albrecht Karle. –
        New Jersey: World Scientific, c2017.
        viii, 242p.
        539.123:524.8 GAI             B141383

6. An overview of gravitational waves: theory, sources and detection /
        edited by Gerard Auǵer and Eric Plagnol. –
        New Jersey: World Scientific, c2017.
        viii, 317p.
        530.12:524.83 AUG            B141384

7. Spence, John C. H.
        High-resolution electron microscopy / by John C. H. Spence. - 4th ed.-
        Oxford: Oxford University Press, c2017.
        xix, 406p.
        621.385.833.2 SPE             B141386

8. Stenholm, Stig
        The quest for reality: Bohr and Wittgenstein - two complementary
        views / by Stig Stenholm. –
        Oxford: Oxford University Press, c2011, 2015.
        viii, 222p.
        References: p.216-219.
        501 STE                              B141389

9. Zlatic, Veljko
        Modern theory of thermoelectricity / by Veljko Zlatic and Renι Monnier. –
        Oxford: Oxford University Press, c2014.
        xi, 289p.
        References: p.279-285.
        537.32 ZLA                       B141388


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