DISPLAYED ON 16/01/2017

LIST NO.02/2017


1. Advances in space research: Vol.57, No.4 / edited by Pascal Willis. – 
        Amsterdam: Elsevier, c2016. 
        A selection of most influenced papers published recently in
        "Advances in space Research".
        52(082) A.S.R.        B141158

2. Galichon, Alfred 
        Optimal transport methods in economics / by Alfred Galichon. -
        New Jersey: Princeton University Press, c2016.
        xii, 170p.
        References: p.161-168.
        330.19 GAL        B141143

3. Gillispie, Charles Coulston 
        The edge of objectivity: an essay in the history of scientific
        ideas / by Charles Coulston Gillispie. – 
        New Jersey: Princeton University Press, c2016.
        xxxiv, 562p.
        Bibliography: p.521-543.
        500(091) GIL       B141151

4. Heard, Stephen B. 
        The scientist’s guide to writing: how to write more easily and
        effectively throughout your scientific career / by Stephen B. Heard. – 
        New Jersey: Princeton University Press, C2016.
        ix, 306p.
        References: p.289-298.
        659.2 HEA         B141154

5. International Physics Olympiad (46th, Mumbai, India) 
        Proceedings of the 46th International Physics Olympiad: held in
        Mumbai, India from 5-12 July, 2015 / edited by Manoj Nair ... [etal.]. – 
        Mumbai: Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, c2016.
        196p. I.P.O.         B141157

6. New trends in atomic and molecular physics: advanced
        technological applications / edited by Man Mohan. – 
        Heidelberg: Springer, c2013. 
        xv, 350p.
        539.18/19 MOH         B141147

7. Raychaudhuri, Sreerup 
        Particle physics of brane worlds and extra dimensions / by
        Sreerup Raychaudhuri and K. Sridhar. – 
        Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, c2016.
        xv, 326p.
        References: p.313-324.
        539.12:531.51 RAY         B141156

8. Ultrafast biophotonics / by P. Vasa and D. Mathur. – 
        Switzerland: Springer, c2016.
        xi, 227p.
        References: p.219-222.
        577.34 VASA         B141155

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