DISPLAYED ON 01/07/2016

LIST NO.13/2016



 1  Cencini, Massimo                                           
         Chaos: from simple models to complex systems / by Massimo
         Cencini, Fabio Cecconi and Angelo Vulpiani.--  
         New Jersey: World Scientific, c2010.  
         xx, 460p.                      
         (Series on Advances in Statistical Mechanics; v.17).     
         Bibliography: p.427-454.                                 
         530.16 CEN           B140987                             
 2  Charap, John M.                                            
         Covariant electrodynamics: a concise guide / 
         by John M.  Charap.--  
         Baltimore: John Hopkins University Press, c2011
         xii, 164p.                                               
         537.8 CHA           B140989                              
 3  International Astronomical Union. Symposium (312th:2014:
         Beijing, China)        
         Star clusters and black holes in galaxies across cosmic  
         time / edited by Yohai Meiron...[et al.]--  
         Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, c2016.   
         xvi, 299p.           
         (IAU Symposium Proceedings Series; 312).                 
         Proceedings of the 312th symposium of the International  
         Astronomical Union held in Beijing, China, August 25-29, 
         521/525:061.3 I.A.U.           B140982                   
 4  International Astronomical Union. Symposium (314th:2015:
         Atlanta, Georgia, USA)         
         Young Stars and planets near the sun / edited by Joel H. 
         Kastner, Beate Stelzer and Stanimir Metchev.--  
         Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, c2016.   
         xvii, 297p.          
         (IAU Symposium Proceedings Series; 314).                 
         Proceedings of the 314th symposium of the International  
         Astronomical Union held in Atlanta, Georgia, USA May 11- 
         15, 2015.                                                
         521/525:061.3 I.A.U.           B140983      
 5  International Astronomical Union. Symposium (318th:2015:
         Honolulu, United States)         
         Asteroids: new observations, new models / edited by      
         Steven R. Chesley...[et al.]--  
         Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, c2016.   
         xiv, 331p.                     
         (IAU Symposium Proceedings Series; 318).                 
         Proceedings of the 318th symposium of the International  
         Astronomical Union held in Honolulu, United States,      
         August 3-7, 2015.                                        
         521/525:061.3 I.A.U.           B140984                   
 6  Joseph, George                                             
         India's journey towards excellence in building earth     
         observation cameras / by Joseph George.--  
         Chennai: Notion Press, c2016.   
         xxiii, 173p.                              
         629.783(54) JOS           B140981                        
 7  Letellier, Christophe                                      
         Chaos in nature / by Christophe Letellier.--  
         New Jersey: World Scientific, c2013.   
         xiv, 378p.                     
         (World Scientific Series on Nonlinear Science, Series A;  v.81).                                                   
         530.162:521.1 LET           B140988                      
 8  Schwartz, Matthew D.                                       
         Quantum field theory and the standard model /  
         by Matthew B. Schwartz.--  
         Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, c2014.   
         xviii, 850p.                                     
         Bibliography: p.834-841.                                 

         530.145:539.12 SCH           B140924


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