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LIST NO.05/2016


 1  Barger, Vernon                                             
         Physics of neutrinos / by Vernon Barger, Danny Marfatia  
         and Kerry Whisnant.--  
         Princeton: Princeton University Press, c2012. 
         ix, 224p.                                 
         Bibliography: p.177-219.                                 
         539.123 BAR           B140894                            
 2  Bernevig, B. Andrei                                        
         Topological insulators and topological superconductors / 
         by B. Andrei Bernevig and Taylor L. Hughes.--  
         Princeton: Princeton University Press, c2013.   
         ix, 247p.            
         538.945 BER           B140897                            
 3  Das, Ashok                                                 
         Lie groups and Lie algebras for physicists /
         by Ashok Das and Susumu Okubo.--  
         New Delhi: Hindustan Book Agency, c2014.   
         xi, 345p.                                        
         (Texts and Readings in Physical Sciences; 14).           
         530.1 DAS           B140889                              
 4  Fain, Gordon L.                                            
         Molecular and cellular physiology of neurons / 
         by Gordon L. Fain with Thomas J. O'Dell.--2nd ed.--  
         Harvard: Harvard University Press, c2014.   
         xi, 735p.              
         Bibliography: p.633-722.                                 
         612.822:577.25 FAIN           B140891                    
 5  Physics of disordered systems / edited by Gautam I. Menon  
         and Purusattam Ray.--  
         New Delhi: Hindustan Book Agency, c2012.  
         x, 175p.                                         
         (Texts and Readings in Physical Sciences; 11).           
         530.162 MEN           B140893                     
 6  Rao, K.N. Srinivasa                                        
         Linear algebra and group theory for physicists / 
         by K.N. Srinivasa Rao.--2nd ed.--  
         New Delhi: Hindustan Book Agency, c2006.   
         xiii, 593p.                              
         (Texts and Readings in Physical Sciences; 6).            
         530.1 RAO           B140890                       
 7  Surveys in theoretical high energy physics, v.1: lecture   
         notes from SERC schools / edited by P. Ramadevi.--  
         New Delhi: Hindustan Book Agency, c2013.   
         xii, 322p.         
         (Texts and Readings in Physical Sciences; 12).           
         Bibliography: p.309-317.                                 
         539.1 RAM           B140896                              
 8  Sussman, Gerald Jay                                        
         Structure and interpretation of classical mechanics / 
         by Gerald Jay Sussman and Jack Wisdom.--2nd ed.--  
         Cambridge: M.I.T. Press, c2015.  xxi, 554p.                         
         Bibliography: p.525-527.                                 
         531 SUS           B140895                                
 9  Tachikawa, Yuji                                            
         N=2 supersymmetric dynamics for pedestrians /    
         by Yuji Tachikawa.--  
         New Delhi: Hindustan Book Agency, c2015.    
         xviii, 224p.                                             
         (Texts and Readings in Physical Sciences; 16).           

         530.1 TAC           B140892


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