DISPLAYED ON 16/05/2016

LIST NO.10/2016



 1  Frebel, Anna                                              

         Searching for the oldest stars: ancient relics from the 

         early universe / by Anna Frebel.-- Princeton: Princeton 

         University Press, c2015.  xiii, 302p.                   

         524.3 FRE           B140952                             


 2  Frishman, Yitzhak                                          

         Non-perturbative field theory: from two dimensional     

         conformal field theory to QCD in four dimensions /   

         by Yitzhak Frishman and Jacob Sonnenschein.-- Cambridge:   

         Cambridge University Press, c2014.  xvii, 435p.         

         (Cambridge Monographs on Mathematical Physics).         

         Bibliography: p. 423-431.                               

         530.145 FRI           B140958                           


 3  Ghatak, Ajoy                                              

         Albert Einstein: a glimpse of his life, philosophy and  

         science/ by Ajoy Ghatak.-- New Delhi: Viva Books, c2012.

         xxvi, 209p. Bibliography: p.200-209.                     

         92:53EIN GHA           B140954                          


 4  Ghatak, Ajoy                                              

         Einstein and the special theory of relativity/ by Ajoy Ghatak

         2nd ed.-- New Delhi: Viva Books, c2014.   xxi, 141p.      

         530.12 GHA           B140956; CD342                     


 5  Heacox, William D.                                         

         Expanding universe: a primer on relativistic cosmology /

         by William D. Heacox.-- Cambridge: Cambridge University 

         Press, c2015.  xx, 272p. Bibliography: p.268-269.        

         524.85 HEA           B140957                            


 6  New results and actual problems in particle and astroparticle  

         physics and cosmology / edited by R. Ryutin, V. Petrov,

         V. Kiselev.-- New Jersey: World Scientific, c2014.  xi, 221p.

         539.12:524.8]:061.3 RYU           B140950               


 7  A voice for science in the south / edited by Daniel       

         Schaffer.-- New Jersey: World Scientific, c2016. vi, 244p.

         500 SCH           B140953                               


 8  Weitz, Joshua S.                                          

         Quantitative viral ecology: dynamics of viruses and their

         microbial hosts / by Joshua S. Weitz.-- Princeton:      

         Princeton University Press, c2015.  xix, 329p.          

         (Monographs in Population Biology).                     

         Bibliography: p. 293-318.                                

         578.4 WEI           B140951


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