DISPLAYED ON 16/11/2017

LIST NO.22/2017



1. Glusker, Jenny Pickworth
        Crystal structure analysis: a primer / by Jenny Pickworth Glusker and
        Kenneth N. Trueblood. - 3rd ed.. –
        Oxford: Oxford University Press, c2010.
        xxii, 276p.
        References: p.259-270.
        548.7 GLU                                 B141364

2. International Astronomical Union. Symposium (323rd, 2016: Beijing, China)
        Planetary Nebulae: multi-wavelength probes of stellar and galactic evolution /
        edited by Xiaowei Liu, Letizia Stanghelline and Amanda Karakas. –
        London: Cambridge University Press, c2017.
        xxv, 401p..-(IAU Symposium Proceedings Series; v.323).
        Proceedings of the 323rd Symposium of the International Astronomical
        Union held in Beijing, China October 10-14, 2016.
        521/525:061.3 I.A.U.                 B141358

3. Kisi, Erich H.
        Applications of neutron powder diffraction / by Erich H. Kisi and

        Christopher J.Howard. –
        Oxford: Oxford University Press, c2012.
        xvii, 486p.
        548.734.3 KIS                             B141363

4. Kresin, Vladimir Z.
        Superconducting state: mechanisms and properties / by Vladimir Z. Kresin,
        Hans Morawitz and Stuart A. Wolf. –
        Oxford: Oxford University Press, c2014.
        xiii, 261p.
        References: p.231-254.
        538.945:537.621 KRE                 B141362

5. Svergun, Dmitri I.
        Small angle x-ray and neutron scattering from solutions of biological
        macromolecules/ by Dmitri I. Svergun ... [et al.]. –
        Oxford: Oxford University Press, c2013.
        ix, 358p.
        548.73:577.32 SUE                   B141367

6. Wagner, Andreas
        The origins of evolutionary innovations: a theory of transformative
        change in living systems / by Andreas Wagner. - Reprint with corrections. –
        Oxford: Oxford University Press, c2011, 2013.
        ix, 253p.
        References: p.219-248.
        575.832 WAG                           B141360

7. Yang, Ziheng
        Molecular evolution: a statistical approach / by Ziheng Yang. -
        Oxford: Oxford University Press, c2014.
        xv, 492p.
        References: p.450-487.
        575.852 YANG                       B141359

8. Zou, Xiaodong
        Electron crystallography: electron microscopy and electron diffraction /
        by Xiaodong Zou, Sven Hovmöller and Peter Oleynikov. -
        Oxford: Oxford University Press, c2011, Reprint 2012.
        viii, 332p.
        537.533.35 ZOU                     B141365


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