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LIST NO.17/2016


1  Atlas of Physarum computing / edited by Andrew Adamatzky.--                 
     New Jersey: World Scientific, c2015. 
         x, 118p.           
         Bibliography: p.111-114p.                                
         579.24:004(084.4) ADA           B141027                  
2  Canfield, Donald E.                                        
         Oxygen: a four billion year history / by Donald E.       
         Canfield .-- Princeton: Princeton Univ Press, c2014.  
         xv, 196p.
         546.21(091) CAN                 B141040                        
3  Chua, Leon O.                                              
         Nonlinear dynamics perspective of Wolfram's new kind of  
         science, / by Leon O. Chua.
         New Jersey: World Scientific, c2013. 
         x, 568p.                             
        (World Scientific Series on Nonlinear Science, Series A; v.85).                                                   
         531.3(083.15) R CHU             B141039                    
4  Deterministic chaos in one dimensional continuous systems /
         by Jan Awerjcewicz...[et al.]--                                       
         New Jersey: World Scientific, c2016.  
         xvi, 562p.                           
        (World Scientific Series on Nonlinear Science, Series A; v.90).                                                   
         Bibliography: p.530-549.                                 
         530.182.692 AWR                 B141030                        
5  Espinosa, Angela                                           
         A complexity approach to sustainability : theory and     
         application / by Angela Espinosa and Jon Walker.--                   
         New Jersey: World Scientific, c2011. 
         xxvii, 361p.           
        (Series on Complexity Science; v.1).                     
         330.34 ESP                      B141029                             
6  Fluid flows to Black Holes: a tribute to S. Chandrasekhar  
         on his birth centenary:  / edited by D.J. Saikia and     
         Virginia Trimble.
         New Jersey: World Scientific, c2011. 
         x, 299p.                                                 
        "This book is based on papers presented by scholars in   
         the Chandrasekhar Centennial Symposium at the University 
         of Chicago during 1517 October 2010". -pref.            
         92:53CHA  SAI                   B141031                          
7  Groves, Timothy R.                                         
         Charged particle optics theory: an introduction / by     
         Timothy R. Groves.
         Boca Raton: CRC Press, c2014.  
        (Optical Sciences and Applications of Light).            
         Bibliography: p.343-351.                                 
         535.31 GRO                      B141028                             
8  Handbook for highly charged ion spectroscopic research / by
         Yaming Zou...[et al.]
         Boca Raton: CRC Press, c2011.    
         xv, 456p.                                                
         535.33:539.17 ZOU               B141032                      
9  Johnson, Jeffrey                                           
         Hypernetworks in the science of complex systems / by     
         Jeffrey Johnson.
         New Jersey: Imperial College Press, World Scientific, c2014.  
         xviii, 348p.                   
        (Series on Complexity Science; v.3).                     
         Bibliography: p.321-324.                                 
         530.16:004.738 JOH               B141033                     
10  Nobel prizes that changed medicine / edited by Gilbert Thompson.
         New Jersey: World Scientific, C2011. 
         xvii, 354p.                                                    
         06.05NOBEL:61 THO                B141038                      
11  Norrby, Erling                                             
         Nobel Prizes and life sciences / by Erling Norrby.--                       
         New Jersey: World Scientific, c2010.  
         xv, 317p.              
         06.05NOBEL:57 NOR                B141037                      
12  Pal, Palash B.                                             
         An introductory course of particle physics / by Palash B.Pal.
         Boca Raton: CRC Press, c2014. 
         xxviii, 788p.      
         539.12 PAL                       B141034
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