DISPLAYED ON 16/09/2016

LIST NO.18/2016



1. Compton, Robert N.

         Laser experiments for chemistry and physics / by Robert N.

         Compton and Michael A. Duncan.

         Oxford: Oxford University Press, c2016.

         x, 403p.

         621.375.826 COM              B141046


2. Condon, James J.

         Essential radio astronomy / by James J. Condon and Scott M.

         Ransom. - Princeton: Princeton University Press, c2016.

         x, 363p.

         Bibliography: p.351-356.

         520.87 CON                        B141056


3. Devenish, Robin

         Deep inelastic scattering / by Robin Devenish and Amanda

         Cooper-Sarkar. - Oxford: Oxford University Press, c2011.

         xiv, 402p.

         Bibliography: p.393-398.

         539.171 DEV                        B141043


4. Direct and inverse problems in wave propagation and applications,

         [vol.3]. / edited by Ivan Graham...[et al.].

         Berlin: Walter de Gruyter, c2013.

         xi, 312p.

         537.874 GRA                        B141054


5. Exploring quantum mechanics: a collection of 700+ solved problems

         for students, lecturers, and researchers / by Victor

         Galitski...[et al.].

         Oxford: Oxford University Press, c2013.

         xiii, 881p.

         530.145.6 GAL                        B141044


6. Feinberg, Todd E.

        The ancient origins of consciousness: how the brain created

        experience / by Todd E. Feinberg and Jon M. Mallatt.

        Cambridge: MIT Press, c2016.

        xx, 366p.

        159.922 FEI                              B141050                           


7. Johnston, Sean F.

        Holograms: a cultural history / by Sean F. Johnston. -                                                                 

        Oxford: Oxford University Press, c2016.

        xi, 257p.

        Bibliography: p.225-246.

        535.433 JOH                             B141045


8. Large scale inverse problems: computational methods and

         applications in the earth sciences, [vol.2]. / edited by Mike  

         Cullen...[et al.].

         Berlin: Walter de Gruyter, c2013.

         ix, 203p.

         551.5:556.048 CUL                B141057


9. Moore, Cristopher

          Nature of computation / by Cristopher Moore and Stephan Mertens.

          Oxford: Oxford University Press, c2016, 2011.

          xvii, 985p.

          681.324 MOO                          B141047

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