Academic Program
Cosmology Rapid Response Meeting
April 6-8, 2010

Day 1 -   Theme :  `Cosmology and its Probes'

High Tea [9.00-9.45]
[9.45-10.00]     Spenta Wadia - Welcome address
Morning talks @ AG66
Session chair: Tarun Souradeep

[10.00-11.00]     Alan Heavens - Better 3D weak lensing
[11.00-11.45]    Tirthankar Roy Choudhury - Constraints on reionization physics from CMBR and other observations
Break 11.45-12.00
[12.00-12.45]    Sudeep Das - High resolution CMB power spectrum and beyond

Lunch at Faculty Lounge [13:00-14:30]

Afternoon talks @ Auditorium Foyer
Nidhi Joshi - Bipolar Harmonic encoding of CMB correlation patterns (20mins)
Promoda Samal - CMB power spectra estimation using linear combination of WMAP 5 year maps (20mins)
Tuhin Ghosh - Direct angular power spectrum estimation from WMAP data (20mins)

Tea [15:30]

4pm Chandrasekhar Lecture - Lyman Page The standard model of Cosmology

Dinner at West Canteen

Day 2 - Theme : Inflation, Non-Gaussianity, Polarization

Morning talks (before lunch) @ AG66
Session chair: Sandip Trivedi
[9:00-9:45]    Amit Yadav - Probing the Early Universe: Primordial Non-Gaussianity and Gravitational Waves
Break [9:45-10:15]
[10:15-11:00]    Dipak Munshi - A New Approach to Probing Primordial Non-Gaussianity
[11:00-12:00]    Lyman Page - The polarization of the CMB and mm-wave sky

Lunch at Almond Grove (behind Auditorium Foyer)

Afternoon talks @ Auditorium Foyer
Pankaj Jain - Evidence for large scale anisotropy in the Universe (20mins)
Moumita Aich - Statistical isotropy violation of the CMB brightness fluctuations (20mins)
Gaurav Goswami - "Non standard" evolution of cosmological perturbations during inflation (20mins)
Sanil Unnikrishnan -
Barotropic Scalar Fields (20mins)
Dhiraj Hazra - Primordial features with a step and the tensor contribution (20mins)

Tea [15:30]
4pm   NSF Colloquium:  Priyamvada Natarajan - Unveiling the dark side of the Universe:
probing dark matter and energy with cluster lensing

Evening Free

Day 3 - Theme:  Secondaries, Large Scale Structures

Morning talks @ AG66
Session chair: Subha Majumdar
[9:30-10.15]    Biman Nath - Galaxy clusters, AGNs and SZ effect
Break [10:15-10:45]
[10:45 - 11:30]    Jon Sievers -  Map-making/ACT maps/cluster simulations/clusters
[11:30 - 12:30]    Lyman Page - The Atacama Cosmology Telescope: measuring the evolution of the universe

Lunch at Almond Grove (behind Auditorium Foyer)

Afternoon talks @ Auditorium Foyer
[14:00 - 15:30]
Satej Khedekar - Optimizing cluster surveys and survey synergies (30mins)
Priyamvada Natarajan - Cosmography with cluster strong lensing (30mins)
Alan Heaven - Supernovae 1a: standard candles or not? (30mins)

Concluding remarks

Evening Free